Upgrade or not?

Should I upgrade my C-5 to C-8??? What are the pros and cons? Thank you???

The newest hub has a few enhancements over the C5 hardware revision.

One is that it has external antennas. Personally this doesn’t appeal to me but many have found that their devices connect more reliably to the hub with the external antennas on board.

Another is that the C8 has the latest z-wave chipset, the 800 series. And the latest zigbee profile, zigbee 3.0.

Do you have any z-wave plus devices with the 700 or 800 series chipset? Or any zigbee 3.0 devices?

The C8 also has a built-in WiFi radio, meaning it can now make either a wired connection to your LAN with the Ethernet port, or wirelessly with the new WiFi radio.

However, the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” may apply here.

Most people are able to migrate from an older hub to a C8 using the included migration tools without incident. But sometimes issues will come up during or after the process of hub migration and the user should be prepared to troubleshoot those issues.

Edit: here’s an announcement that summarized some of the C8 hub’s new features at the time it was released.

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It is certainly worth asking the question, and @marktheknife is right to point out the questions worth asking if you are contemplating the upgrade. The most relevant being "if it ain't broke...". This is very much a case for those of us bedazzled by the bright shiny thing... if the new features are big enough drawcard for you, then yes, take the plunge... But otherwise, if your setup is working as you need it to, without any missing features, then you are probably best placed on your current setup.

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Thank you @marktheknife and @sburke781 for the feedback and I will just stay at C-5. :wink:

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As long as that makes the most sense for you, then that is good. If Z-range or other elements available with the C-8 make sense for you, like Wi-Fi or the "cool" factor :slight_smile: Then don't shy away from dipping your toe into a multi-hub setup....

But apart from the late sales-pitch.... Glad we could help :slight_smile: