Updating Rules in RM AHA! Moment

I was going through my rules today. Just thought I'd tweak some of them with more room for habits. After I started checking them out, boy, I can tell that WebCoRE ruled my mind for a while. I had a bunch of rules that used WC mentality. I was then able to transfer a bunch of them to simple lighting instead of having them in complicated Rule machine. Since creating these rules, I've learned a lot. (I hope) Now I look at my rules and wonder how some of them ran with any reliability. So, having said that I had a totall AHA! moment, have you checked your rules lately?


I've done something similar. At first I had many rules in RM. I have since moved a lot of them over to specific apps such as Simple Lighting or Motion Light. For others I have written custom apps to do exactly what I want.

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