Updating Philips Hue Rooms & Zones - How to Update in Hubitat?

If I change the names of rooms or zones in my Phillips Hue light, and assuming Phillips Hue is already linked to Hubitat, what do I have to do to get the names updated in Hubitat without losing any devices or groups or routines I have pre-programmed?

Hubitat will not update these names automatically. You'll have to do it manually. Renaming will not affect anything on Hubitat (regardless of whether you choose to also rename them on Hubitat--you don't need to, though I would if it would get confusing not to).

Here is a post I wrote recently that may help:

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thanks, that helped. I had one other related question. What do I do if I create a new room or zone within the Phillips hue app, how do I get that into Hubitat? It doesn’t look like it gets added there automatically.

Neither bulbs/lights nor groups (rooms/zones) from Hue will get imported automatically into Hubitat. You have to go into the Hue Bridge Integration app and choose the bulbs or groups you want to add. If you've already set up the Hue Integration app, you can go back in at any time to add more (or to add new ones you just set up on Hue).

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