Updating Iris Plugs

I have a bunch of the Iris 3210-L plugs that have never been attached to an Iris system. I am having trouble with the ZWave half of the plug, which I hear might theoretically be remedied by a firmware update.

Since Iris is no more, can I still theoretically update these? Can I buy/borrow someone's existing Iris hub and it will update these devices, or am I too late now that the Iris servers are gone? If I can use it just to update my plugs, I figure it would be worth it to buy an old hub, update my plugs, and then re-sell it. Otherwise, can I get one of these ZWave sticks and update the firmware in some other way?

I don't own that hub so can't say one way or the other but I thought that Lowes stopped the service last March.

I have a bunch of Iris's I bought around the time of the "Great Peanut Panic". I've heard they make great zigbee repeaters and they do seem to be more stable than the peanuts at least according to the "getChildAndRouteInfo" report.

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I do not know of any way to update the Iris 3210-L outlets now that Iris is no more. The Iris hub is useless without their cloud servers.

Have you checked your 3210-L firmware versions? One quick way I found, with outlets I bought from eBay, was to look for a small, separate rectangular barcode sticker on the back of the outlet. Those with that sticker all seemed to have the newer, more up to date firmware. This without were running the old firmware. I verified this using SmartThings to see the firmware version in their Web IDE after pairing the Zigbee portion to ST.


Wow that is useful thanks!!! will add it to the "weird" list.

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What kind of trouble?

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If I put all 5 of my Iris plugs directly beside each other, and do a repair, 2 will repair "properly", and the other 3 will not. After the repair, anything repeating through that cluster of plugs will have the command read 4x by the hub. If I only use the two repeaters that properly rebuild, I only get the single commands.

I don't know how ZWave works, but during the rebuild, the "updating neighbours" must tell neighbouring devices to ignore the commands because they're handling it or something.

I'm just not using those plugs right now as I try and fix my mesh, unfortunately I am cheap, and I am Canadian (I live within visual distance of the US), so I can't get the devices I need for testing my theory, for a reasonable price (can't drive to the states, nor would I actually want to right now).

Weird.. I may have to experiment with this ..

Do you know if that applies to the Iris 3210-L2 as well? I have 2 of those that came in the bunch I got from the eBay guy. Both of the outlets do not have that separate barcode label on them - 4 of my L's do though so yesssss.

At any rate I'm happy to use the non-updated ones as zigbee repeaters until I get the xbee stuff cranking...

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I don’t know anything about the L2 model. Sorry.


Sorry to butt in, but I have some specific issues with 3210-L I can share. I just noticed something last night that's really odd. My garage door was relaying via a 3210-L and open/close worked fine... but for the oddest thing. If I closed the door via an RM rule, the hub never got the closed update. Any manual open/close actions were fine. But if RM did it, the event showed "Closing..." and then it hung in that state for hours.

I was sure this was code related, right...? But nope, I did a bunch of testing and finally found the garage was relaying via the 3210-L. I pulled it from the wall, and the garage sync problems have disappeared. Completely gone--everything works, RM triggers sync in ~22 seconds (15 seconds of beeping, 7-ish seconds to close the door) every time.

Restored the plug, problem. Removed the plug, no problem. So it's clearly the 3210-L :frowning:


Arghhh..... The Great Peanut Panic Part Deux!!!!! Quick alert @april.brandt!!!!! SELL, Mortimer... SELL ... SELL!!!!


Srlsly though I dunno if I can handle another device issue like the GPP debacle ... I bought way too many peanuts and then turned around and bought even more Iris plugs...

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@bcopeland does this mean you will find the firmware update amongst the Iris code and include in your driver? :joy:


Not likely... If someone manages to find it somewhere let me know.. But I have searched and failed


Do you know which firmware your Iris 3210-L outlet is running? Also, just to make sure it is clear...you are specifically pointing out an issue with the Z-Wave Plus repeater portion of the outlet, not the Zigbee repeater, correct?


Does anyone know what happens if you plug one of these ZWave USB sticks into a PC and pair it with a ZWave device? I hear you can use a ZWave stick to update Zooz devices, but can you READ firmware, as well as write it? Logically the process is identical, just reversed.

If so, it seems like it would be pretty easy for me to read the firmware from the plug that works, then write that firmware to the other 3 plugs (regardless of whether it's newest or not).

I posted an FAQ on this over on the ST community a few years ago.

0x20085010 Is the latest and preferred firmware for the plug.

Ox20015010 is know to have Z-Wave issues.

Ox10015010 is from the Iris beta. It sucks. Toss the device if it’s using this release.


But is there a way to check which firmware a device has now that iris is no more?

According to your linked post, the newest firmware does not double-blink during ZWave inclusion; is that accurate? All of mine double-blink during the ZWave inclusion process.

If you pair the 3210-L device with SmartThings you can check the firmware version in the ST Web IDE, by viewing that device's details.

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Got it thanks. Wish ST could update the plugs' firmware as well.

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