Updating Inovelli Switch Notifications via Hub Variables

Had noticed @steve.maddigan's question from earlier and even though it's not time-based like Steve's question it reminded me of how I am currently handling my switch Notifications.

Not sure if this helps anyone but below is how I am currently pushing Notifications to my Inovelli Red Switches. (Also kind of hoping someone smarter than me might see this and share an even better solution!)

Variable Setup
I created a 4-5 variable booleans for different states (for example: when either my garage door or my back gate are left open I set the boolean to true, and when they are both closed I set the boolean to false)
I also have 4-5 Decimal Variables for each that hold the values for the color and animation of different notifications I use on my wall switches. (for example: "VarNotifyColorAlarm" = '33491710' and stays solid red if the alarm is on, while "varNotifyColorOutsideDoor" = '100600511' and pulses purple if the garage is left open... etc)
Last I created "varNotificationMaster" Decimal Variable that I use to trigger all my switches to update.

Ok now that all that is out of the way, my first rule manages the priority order of notifications and updates the final "varNotificationMaster" variable accordingly. It looks something like this:

Trigger Events:
varNotificationOutsideDoorOpen, varNotificationAlarmArmed any turns "changed"

Select Actions to Run:
Wait for event: --> elapsed timeL 00:00:02

If varNotificationAlarmArmed is on THEN
Set varNotificationMaster to VarNotifyColorAlarm
Exit Rule

ELSE-IF varNotificationOutsideDoorOpen is on THEN
Set varNotificationMaster to VarNotifyColorOutsideDoor
Exit Rule

Set varNotificationMaster to 0.0


Last, the second/final rule actually triggers the notifications and looks something like this:

Trigger Events:
varNotificationOutsideDoorOpen, varNotificationAlarmArmed any turns "changed"

Select Actions to Run:
startNotification(varNotificationMaster) on Entry Wall Switch, Office Wall Switch, Outdoor Back Wall Switch

This is probably far more complex than it needed to be but in my defense I can say it's been working flawlessly for about 2-3 weeks now without any issues updating both my Red Series Dimmers and Fan + Light switches at the same time.

If the notification bars are showing red (alarm on) and someone uses one of the switches to turn on the light in that room... the default switch color of blue will light up for 2 seconds as confirmation, and then the sold red alarm notification will return. This also respects whatever hierarchy I set in the first rule so if I want the garage door open color to show no matter what I could put that first, then only if true would the red alarm notification show after... if neither are true then everything just works like normal.

Anyway, not even sure if passing a color variable like is is exactly what you were asking about @steve.maddigan but figured I would share just in case.


Very nice approach!

In case you’re interested, @MFornander created an app to do something similar.


Thanks for sharing @Sebastien !

I figured something like this existed but inadvertently found myself writing half of it before it occurred to me to look and at that point I was just in too deep to turn back.

It’s working too well right now so id hate to mess with it but am really curious to install the app above and check it out. Especially if it provides additional advantages over my manual solution.

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@junk, you can always pause the rules while testing the app to evaluate and see, that's often what I do when a new app that might give more flexibility than some rule.

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Thanks, yea I am constantly messing around with my rules so pause is one of my best friends at this point!

I keep meaning to look it up but not that important so I always forget... do you all know of the top of your head the difference between "Pause" and "Stop"?

Thank @junk, actually it was @Stephan.J who was the OP of the other thread.

& I have something set up very comparable to what you have, just I have combined the final start notification at the bottom of the same rule.

I was using the LED dashboard app at first but I have two RMs driving the same switch at my front door. One I call Live notifications - current status of door/windows on the main floor and a second one called routine notifications - line when my goodnight routine is running - and this is displayed on four different inovelli devices.

Using the LED dashboard i could not find a nice way to disable the Live notifications when the Routine notifications were being displayed.

Another thing, using the led dashboard i was having timing issues updating four switches at the same time. With RM you have control over timing.

Pause will see the events, but not run the rule.
Stop unregistered the « seeing » of events, so it really doesn’t do anything. It brings it to the same state as it was before it was installed.


Love it! That is an impressive rule, holy smokes.

Yea so I the whole current state thing was why I avoided this approach originally and not sure if I read something on here or just stumbled across it accidentally but if you upgrade your switches to the latest firmware you don't have to worry about any of that.

The real version of my example above handles current "live" states, overrides when a specific notification is relevant, and then returns back to the correct "live" state when I clear the notification.

Once I realized I didn't need to worry about capturing and storing the "live" state before pushing notifications I was sold.

Really. Ok I will have to troll the inovelli site to see what I have missed. Thanks.

What model switches do you have? Red series dimmers?

I bet @Eric_Inovelli is lurking around here somewhere and could point you in the right direction off the top of his head.

If you just update the firmware of one device to test on and see how it works I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and might find yourself updating them all shortly after. That was what happened for me at least.

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I have three red dimmers and one fan controller. I upgraded the dimmers about a month ago to the 1.57 beta because of the changes in the association handling and the non-neutral behaviour. I just didn’t see any changes to the indicator. I must have missed it.

Oh then you are probably fine, sorry. I am not sure when they added/fixed those... I just had a bunch of dimmers I installed years ago that had never been updated still running the original firmware they shipped with when I realized the startNotification command was not working for me. I just updated to the latest stable version and it was fine.

To test it out, create yourself a quick placeholder rule real quick and "set the rule to run as:"

Last, hit done and exit the "actions to run" flow then test it out real quick.

To stop it and return to normal, I believe just setting the decimal value to '16714240' should work or, instead of the startNotification command and the fancy animation value, you can just use the stopNotification() command.

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