Updating C-7 to 2.2.5...How long does this take?

Ok. It's back up and running again with I have Dashboards and can control things again. What should I do now?

On a non-related topic....I just looked outside and WOW it's snowing hard!


Also having this same problem. Still getting things configured after just receiving my HE. Thought I’d try a firmware update. No progress after a very long time. Diagnostic Tool works. So I’ll try to rollback to last version, I suppose.

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You can also try a Soft Reset with restore.


I haven’t backed anything up yet. So maybe I’ll do that tomorrow and try to reapply the update, then do a soft reset and restore.

Hub should be doing an automatic backup nightly.

It’s possible there were other backups. I only see one from about 45 mins ago. Again, just getting started and only plugged in my HE for the first time yesterday.

Interestingly, after rolling back to the previous version ( and pulling my MAC address from hub details (for the Diagnostic Tool login), I checked and downloaded the most recent backup and then returned to the diagnostic tool. When I clicked restore previous version it listed the new firmware ( as the restore option, which I chose to restore. For whatever reason that fixed it.

So to recap. I upgraded, which failed to launch to UI after >45mins, then restored to, then restored back to It successfully loaded from the restore.

Odd. But it’s now working on the new version.


I had no trouble upgrading one of my C-7 to v2.2.5.119:

I understand some are hitting some unseen issue, and although it isn't fun to be on the sad side of the issue... at least now you know it's not everyone :frowning:


I just tried @george107789 's solution and that worked for me also.

Updated to which failed and got stuck during the update process. Reverted to using the Hubitat Diagnostic Tool. Then later reverted back to, and now it's working fine.

I suspect that if you had used the diagnostics menu to reboot the hub at that point you would probably have booted up in 2.2.5. The fact that you had a good install of 2.2.5 to revert to seems to indicate problems w/the hub starting the reboot after the update may be at the root of a lot of these "failed updates."

Entirely possible. As a newb, failed upgrades leave me poking whatever button works :wink:

It seems like there are several people having this problem. So perhaps one of them could test that theory.

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Someone else posted they did that, IRRC.

And you made no newb move here, you got yourself up and running in a clever manner...better than many others would accomplish. Well done! :slight_smile:


I just did the same as @george107789 and it worked for me too. Not the most elegant way to update, but heyho.

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And another newb here, so apologies for retreading the same ground… just wanted to add that I've had the same experience of the update as the OP

  • Set update running; update screen sat ay Applying Update for approx. 30 mins
  • Thanks to the support forum, I discovered the Diagnostic Tool (yay, thanks everyone!)
  • Hub said it was running 2.25 so I followed the instructions and shutdown the hub, gave it the 60 seconds unplug/plug in routine
  • Hub restarted but was stuck with the blue light; router was not showing it was connected so did a second hard reboot
  • This time it appeared in the DHCP table so I was able to log in to the Diagnostic Tool and I did a rollback

Checking the System Events log, there are no entries for the attempted update to 2,25 but I'm guessing that's because of the rollback.

Interestingly, I didn't/don't see 2.25 listed in the latest backups when I used the DT for rollback or now.

Will try again at some point when the WAF isn't in play!


Please use the Diagnostic Tool to restore to previous version. Then try to update again. You may want to run a Soft Reset with restore, before attempting to update again, for good measure.


Thanks for the suggestion… much appreciated!

When I ran the rollback, I should've mentioned that used the DT to do a soft reset and then used restore to rollback… apologies that I didn't make it clear

I'll be trying again later so will report back… cheers!

I also had the same issue upgrading to
After a very long time I still had the blue light and couldn't access the hub via the browser

  • Using the Diagnotic tool on port 8081 I tried resetting the hub, but it then it was still stuck with the blue LED
  • I downloaded a few backup files to my laptop just in case they got lost at any point
  • Then I did a rollback to which worked fine
  • Using the diagnostic tool I did a soft reset
  • Then I went to upgrade to 2.2.5 again which worked.
  • Finally I restored from the backup and I would have expected everything to work ok but the hub was not reachable again
  • I did another reboot and the initializing hub page came up and after a short while the hub was up. Hoping that everything still works as before but only time will tell that

Is it known yet why this happened to some of us?
And anyone know how likely it is for it to happen again in the future? I'm also wondering have these issues happened with other firmwares or is this the first time?

I am tech savvy and this post was very useful to get my hub working in a relatively short amount of time. I wouldn't have liked if I had to wait for a reply to a support. So thank you very much.

I note to the Hubitat staff:
I'm personally using this hub as a power user and working in the microcontroller industry I'm used to the pain of things not working out of the box, but I think when this happens to a normal consumer it will leave them feel very overwhelmed by the experience. My personal belief is that customer products should just work out of the box and unfortunately the entire home automation industry just isn't there yet :frowning:
Hopefully the team continues to improve the Hubitat and reduce the likelihood of these things happening in the future

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Yes, we've seen a handful of upgrades doing exactly this. A reboot should help. Version 2.2.5 (and all others going forward) does a full reboot upon updating, so this update cycle will hopefully be the last one with this issue.


Just found this, thought I'd post my experience. Got up this AM, found my C5 showing Zigbee Radio not running. My C5 had been doing perfectly, 2 days ago I unpacked my new C7 and have started it, got it running on same build as the C5, did a backup on the C5, put the copy on the C7 and left them both running (I have not begun moving any devices) So in trouble shooting the C5 problem this morning, I see an update available for my C5, installed it and while UI of logs looked strange, Zigbee and all my devices worked fine. SO, I switched to C7, it is NOT indicating update. So now I'll wait to see what's going on in the Community before I try to update C7 to same build of the C5. NOTE: I do not have them meshed.

PS: Bit the bullet, checked for C7 update, it was there, did backup first, did update, all installed, no glitches.

Hello Hubitat Community, newbie here also. I just setup my HE 90 minutes ago and I've spent the last 60 of them trying to get it to reboot after attempting the software update to 2.2.5. I'm currently using the Diagnostic Tool to do a soft reset per the directions above. It's been saying 'waiting for hub to reboot' for at least 10 minutes. How long should I expect it to take for a reboot in this scenario? I'm trying to be patient, but 10+ minutes seems WAY too long. Should I pull the power?

Brand new C-7 just plugged in today; got stuck after trying to update from to Reboot button in the diag tool kept asking for a password I've never set, so I just reverted it to and am not going to try updating again until more eyes are on this issue.