It's been way too long without a patch update. I'm hoping that means they are working very hard to finalize the next major version. Am I right?

Naw, they have decided things are perfect as is and will never release a new version again.


Ouch. Hadn't thought of that impossibility.

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I do find it impressive how quickly they release the patches and respond to issues. So awesome!!
Can't wait for what they have in store coming up as I eagerly have a C7 waiting for their upcoming service!

They're waiting for the Wink refugees to settle in, then they''ll release an update to stir them up.

What are they going to do, remote brick their Hubitats for a week just to make them feel at home? :joy:


I'm thinking they toggle between bricking zigbee, then zwave.


The post I've been waiting for. I just updated my firmware after sitting on for the longest time :slight_smile:

every 4 hours

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