[UPDATED] Weewx Weather Driver With External Forecasting

I've added some more logging to see where this is falling over.
If you could please update and try again with the logging turned on?
this should point me in the right direction



Here you go...

Output...I noticed that my Current States list is much shorter than your screenshot.

When the system hits an error it will just stop.. so the rest of the data doesn't get displayed.
So it seems like it finishes checking the data then can do a calculation on it.. hmmm..

I'll look at this now

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Ok.. would you try something for me please?
turn on the 'display data units' switch and try again.. I think I might have found it
I'll be interested to see if we get the same error

That did it! The error is gone and my 'States' list is looking much better.

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we found it then.. now I know what it is I can fix it easily.. give me a few mins

Ok New version: 1.7.2 Uploaded to github

Because your station does not send solarRadiation the driver was trying to perform a calculation on a 'null' object
This should be sorted now as I have moved the calculation to only work if there is data to work with

Please try again! :slight_smile:


Without the data units on :slight_smile:

Looking great now, thank you.

I tried with the 'Display units' on and off, logging on and off, adding in the external Apixu...hit all 3 buttons..external, internal and station and everything is working awesome. No errors in log.

Now when are you going to post a paypal address so we can buy you a beverage?? :wink:

I'm glad we got it sorted.

Donations are not expected but always welcome at:



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Thank you so much for your VERY generous donation!
Greatly appreciated

Thanks again


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I have revised the Weewx driver to now be able to collect forecast data from Apixu OR Weather Underground (if you have a working API key)
I have also done some code cleanup and have added a revised update checking

There is also a slightly different name :slight_smile:

Weewx Weather Driver - With External Forecasting

I am no longer supporting the previous driver


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So I should now be using just Weewx Weather Driver - With External Forecasting for both WU and Weewx - Apixu uploads?


The driver just reads weewx and WU OR Apixu data it doesn't upload anything.

Apart from getting the Weewx data you can now select either WU or Apixu to get the extra forecast data
Personally, I find WU is more accurate if you have a working API key (The station that Apixu uses is a few extra miles away)
I'll continue to use WU until they start charging


Sorry. A leap in logic. I meant data that has been uploaded to WU and Apixu by whatever means one uses. It's making sense, but for those of us that still have the WU key, we should still be using the Customer WU driver if we're not using Weewx at this time (me) or at all (others)?

There's far less data (Forecast only) shown in Weewx Weather Driver - With External Forecasting vs the Custom WU driver you posted previously and have now moved to the "Old" directory on Github, if you only enter your WU API key.

It's only the forecasting stuff & Alerts that comes from WU in this driver - The other data comes from Weewx.
I haven't added the 'weather summary' or 'Alerts' to this driver yet... Probably next week sometime.

If you are not using Weewx then the WU Custom driver is probably the one to use.
I didn't realise that I had moved that one into 'previous' so just moved it back



LOL you must be a mind reader. How did you know I was fumbling around with the Weeex driver :laughing:

Seriously though once I grabbed the right code this seems to be working really well. thank you for all the time you spend on all your code.


Well, when I set up before, I only looked at temp, humidity and wind, because it wasn't raining at the time. I also didn't check it with the Apixu driver (I think ? :thinking:) Now I'm finding I have something wrong. Any ideas why I'm getting Null in the driver details for wind and No Station Data for direction?
I do get speed and direction into Apache.

I've set everything to prefer_hardware in the weewx.conf file.

    pressure = prefer_hardware
    barometer = prefer_hardware
    altimeter = prefer_hardware
    windchill = prefer_hardware
    heatindex = prefer_hardware
    dewpoint = prefer_hardware
    inDewpoint = prefer_hardware
    rainRate = prefer_hardware
    windSpeed = prefer_hardware
    windDir = prefer_hardware
    outTemp = prefer_hardware

[Edit] Reposting station data separately

Well, that didn't work. Click to view full image

If you browse directly to your json file what does it report about wind?

I noticed your weewx server is only showing being up for two minutes - normally it takes 5 minutes to settle and report all data

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