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How do you set this up to arm HSM? When I choose "Set Safety Monitor Mode" I get no options to choose from.


It looks like a bug has crept into this.
I’ll have a look at the code and fix it.



Okay Thanks.


Is there a way to set a delay-off timer after a light has come on based on presence? For example if someone arrives after sunset turn on the driveway flood light and then wait 5 minutes and turn off.


Not with PC alone

You could use a virtual 'switch timer' along with 'one2many' switching.

Use PC to turn on the virtual switch (with a configured 5 min timeout)
Use one to many to control the actual light. (when the virtual is turned on/off, one 2 many will control the light to do the same)



I've just looked at this and it appears to work fine

There are only two states for HSM with PC
Presence (or group) Leaves/Not present = HSM Arms (Away)
Presence (or group) Arrives/Is present = HSM disarms (Disarms 'Intrusion' but not other alerts)

So, there is nothing really to configure apart from the restrictions on the following page.
I tested this action this morning and it appears to be working fine.



Okay so I just need to set it and it will automatically arm/disarm no need to choose any options other then restrictions.


That's correct! :slight_smile:
If you want to test it you can always use a virtual presence sensor(You can find one on my GitHub under drivers)



Presence Central has now been added to 'Cobra Apps'



Hi Andy

Great work on the apps. I'm fairly new to Hubitat (and ST), but I'm finding my feet-ish.

I've used your app container, and the presence central app. I added a new prescence (I want to say scene...) something and selected an optional switch (my lounge light) by mistake. There doesn't seem to be a way to remove it once selected. I then thought I'd remove the 'presence something' and start again, but on selecting Remove, it just hangs and doesn't do anything.

Edit: it's a radio button selection only, so can't deselect the switches in any way.

I'm sure I've cocked something up. Any ideas?


You can deselect a radio button too :slight_smile:
Try it!



Haha! So you can. Thank you!

I'll not make too much mention of UX and intutive design principles... :wink:. Is that a Hubitat constraint/foible?


Its saying there is a update 2.7.1 but the newest code is 2.7.0?


So today I thought to update the import links to make it easier to stay current and I am seeing this error when importing the Parent App URL

I tried the Parent app before and after the child app with no difference. The Child app imported w/o error




You don’t have the ‘Cobra Apps’ container installed.
If you don’t want to use the apps container then you need to comment out line 50 in the parent only.




I am not a developer, but why does line 50 not feel right to me when the container reference is line 57

Not to mention, when I tried to follow the post to install the container app, I get a Page 404 error


Ok... I knew it was around line 50 :slight_smile:

Line 57 is he correct one to comment out if not using the container.

I think I moved the container code and forgot to update the post.
If you look in the apps on my github you will find it somewhere :slight_smile:



New link...


I warned you that I wasn't a developer but can follow instructions reasonably well

Got the container app installed, selected the Presence Central app, when I select to "Install", I get this



Did you do anything to the presence central parent?
1st you install the container... then the parent... then the app