** Updated ** Mode/Presence debug tool need ideas - 6 position + HE State

Updated - What started out as a quick idea on a tile become a bigger idea - more of a debug/helper tool ... Shu
I want to have it show a left to right (horizontal) state for me, my GF, both, and none. I realize the bottom 2 are derivatives, no need to point that out. it's for a quick visual display board.
The logic is simple obviously - using presence monitor for each person to control and/or set a virtual switch.
But the implementation. I've been debugging client work for days and my brains mush. Write this with css and overlay images? build a 16 image gif and tie display frame to code? do it in Groovy? Run away?

Not a direct answer to your question, but why do you need "Both home" and "Both away" indicators? Can that not be inferred from the Jim/Tina indicators? It seems like an unnecessary complication to have the additional two indicators

wow. saw that coming... sigh. yes. it can be inferred. 'a quick visual' is so non-programming people who are drunk don't need to think. Also, so it can be used to visually compare again HSM and Alexa states on other tiles.
which actually begs an addition - adding 2 more 'switches' for Alexa home/away and HSM state although HSM is actually not an on/off...

Sorry to be so predictable :joy:

I'm going to assume you are asking how to achieve the specific visual presentation you show in the post. For that, I have no wisdom.

If it were me, I'd just display the two presence indicators horizontally in the space of one tile. And if I wanted Both Home and Both Away, I'd make those virtual switches and display all four horizontally. A rule sets the Both Home and Both Away switches when either of the other changes.

To be more clear - this is because we're having problems here in my home where at certain times the home/away and setting for hsm and alexa are not all jiving. I can review the whole panel using hubitat dashboard just fine, but the GF has a display outside her office and it's been happening mostly to her. She comes home, I'm out bowling and the lights wont go on. She calls me all PO'd and I remotely see HE saying house is still in Away state, just for example. As well, it happens to me too sometimes - it's random and frustrating so I wanted to nip it in the bud. We all have our individual needs!

so you'd do it using 4 dashboard tiles? it's one thought. then css wrap the whole thing. I can spin the images of the tiles with css easy enough... I was trying to decide if I could just code this.

Maybe MultiTile from BPT?

I'm not criticising - everyone does what they want!

I actually have a similar issue with Google Nest going into Away mode when only i have left the house and my wife is still at home. I suspect its something to do with the phones going to sleep, but its not really bugging me enough to do anything about it :smiley:

As for presence, I have Keith, Alison & Someone, but i never display the Soneone, its just for use within Rules :+1:

Revamped idea - 6 positions in a single tile. hmmmmm.... if it was php I'd drop it on my local server... HMMMM... maker API to a local web app??? ooooh.....
Update - add HE State... I think I've got my final design!

I'm just saying I'm not knowledgeable enough to do much under the covers with Dashboard, so my quick and dirty way of doing this is to have the standard tile size be something like 2 x 6, and then stack six mini-tiles of 2x1 each where the top two are Jim and Tina presence, and the bottom four are .. maybe .. booleans that are managed through a rule.

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