[Updated] 'Holiday Switch' Driver - Now an app too!

Getting a 404 error on Git for this.

@Cobra has currently taken down all of his apps til further notice. A forum search will find you the thread with the explanation.


Setting up a holiday rule can be done in rule machine.

  • rule turns on holiday switch using a periodic schedule at 12:01 am if it matches the holiday
  • rule turns off holiday switch at 12:00am

Then under the rules you want to use the holiday switch just add it to your AND statement.

I cant seem til get the link to work - it just says 404 this is not the page you are looking for??

Where are you getting this from?

What point are you at ?

It's gone. Cobra has chosen not to participate in sharing with the community.



I think that's a uncharitable description. @Cobra continues to participate actively in the forums AND is developing a website where he can make his apps available (again) under terms and conditions that he is comfortable with.

To be clear @Royski is creating the website, but I'm pretty sure that Andy is happy with how that's coming along.


Ok fixed that.

I am from Denmark - just cant get to the site....

Did anyone made it work.
The links seems to be dead

Cobra moved most code to a private site. Membership is free.

Where is the code now?

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