Updated Drivers

Perhaps someone may help:

I updated hubitat for only the second time (first was on installation) and in the new documentation it posted that my radio thermostat CT101 DRIVER was updated. So.... as I have already installed this device (it shows up as a generic z-wave thermostat), what do i need to do to update the driver? Must i remove and TRY to add again (this was a pain the first time), or is there a way to just update the driver for this device? And, how will i now confirm the driver is updated?

Thanks to all

I too have a CT101 thermostat, which was previously using the generic thermostat driver. I just opened the device settings via the HE portal and changed the device type.

I had a similar situation where I used a custom driver for my Onkyo AVR. Later on the Hubitat team created a built-in driver, so I switched to that device type. Worked fine and included device capabilities the custom driver previously used didn't include.

AHHH, thanks. It updated well (I hope i can remember this for the future)! Did you happen to notice any thing different with the thermostat?

I didn't notice anything different with the new thermostat driver, but I thought it better to use a specific version in case there's something related to device stability. It's been solid for me so far.

Thanks again!