[UPDATED] - Average All (Temperature, Humidity, Illuminance, Ambient Pressure & Motion)



Cheers @Cobra working great for me now on virtual thermostat.
i get the error below as virtual thermostat does support it but not that bothered as it's all working fine.

app:4982018-09-26 12:46:51.867:errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'lastDeviceTemperature' is not supported by device. on line 245 (tempSensorsHandler)


I don't like errors!
Obviously if not using my virtual device it can't send the lastDeviceX
I'll have a look what I can do



Ok Andy many thanks.


It would take significant work to remove this error message for you, so I will probably leave it
(I have so much work to do elsewhere)

It shouldn't cause any problems but if it does please let me know and I'll look at this again.



Seems like after that last Average All child update it's not updating the virtual device. Let me know what else you might need to help with this.


No worries Andy, I was thinking it would be a fair bit work to omit it from other virtual devices.
Thanks anyway for the change to let us use virtual thermostat.


New Child version V1.5.1
This should fix issues with it not updating correctly.
Probably best to open and re-save any existing childapps after the update

Found a stupid typo which I believe was the issue
Please let me know how you get on



New Parent: 1.0.2
New Child V1.5.2

Revised auto update checking and added a manual update check button.

All my apps 'phone home' once a week (Friday 9.00am) to check if there are any updates available and let you know if there are.

I have revised that way that this happens and also added a 'Check For Update' button in the app so you can manually check anytime.

Unfortunately, the way the code is done, it now means after updating to these versions you will need to open each app (including the parent) and click 'Done' to reset the update button.

This is what it looks like before hitting done:


And after hitting done and reopening, it should look like this...


As always, please let me know if there are any issues.

Thanks guys.



Continuing the discussion from Hub Update 1.1.5:

Marginally related: I see that this includes a fix for the apparent bug in Zone Motion Manager releated to aggregate motion sensors, which I wasn't sure if was a bug or me just not knowing how to use it. The Cobra app with "average motion" is a bit easier to use for this purpose in any case, in my opinion, but glad to know I wasn't just crazy. :slight_smile:


It seems that since the latest update this app does not function as it should
I’m sorry, I’m away from my PC at the moment but will have a look as soon as I return.

Sabotage!!! :slight_smile:



Oh Andy, we would never stoop so low, even for you!


After the latest hotfix, it seems if you open each child and save them again then things start working again.

(At least mine did)



This app has now also been added to 'Cobra Apps'



Hi Andy.
Just looking at my logs today, looking for something else, and spotted this in your average all app.
This is for lux measurement. The app is working like a dream but just thought I would let you know.
Thanks again for your great apps.


For once, that is a nice clear error message.

What version of the 'average all device' driver are you using?



Average All.
V1. 1.0.
Average All Child.
I have enabled pushover notification for updates and pressed the check for update button. No updates available.


Latest driver is 1.3.0
Latest app is 1.5.3

It’s the driver that is the problem :slight_smile:



Hi Andy.
I misread your question above.
The driver I'm using is the latest. V1.3.0.


I’ll check the driver code.
It may be I didn’t add that bit to the lux section.



Hi Andy.
Have you had a chance to look at this yet?