Update multiple Hubitats at once (ie. Bulk Updater)

I understand the rationale for Hubitat not offering automatic updates - I'm not here to argue that.

But some of us have a few hubs now, having built out our networks, or having multiple properties. I manage a few STRs. I have more than a dozen Hubitats now.

Every so often, I have to login to each one and click update > agree > yada yada one by one.

It'd be nice to have a Update All Hubs (or select the ones you want to update) from the My Hubitat > Registered Hubs area or something similar. That way, I can pick some time in the evening and let them all churn at once, or the page could go one by one kicking them off, allowing one to finish before starting another.

Having to manually update a dozen hubs, one by one, with all the updates that are constantly coming out has made me ignore updating for long periods of time—not a good way to develop muscle memory.

this is already possible using the remote admin. When you login you see all your hubs and can just click update on each one.


I don't see that on my side. Here's what the Registered Hubs page looks like:

A bunch of my hubs are different remote properties. Not sure if you're looking at a local page or Find My Hub type of thing.

Ah, I see it. You mean if you hit https://remoteaccess.aws.hubitat.com directly


Thanks for pointing that out. That saves a few clicks. It'd still be good to see what the current version was and if the hub needed to be updated (or how far away from current it is).

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You might consider not hitting that update button while a flurry of updates are coming out.

When they come frequently, like in the recent past since firmware version 2.3.9 was released, they are typically minor hotfixes for specific bugs that have been identified and squashed.

If you’re not impacted by a bug, there may not be a need to update until the frequency of hotfixes dies down.

Each minor release includes notes from the devs that can be reviewed here.

Especially for properties that are managed commercially, a less aggressive update strategy might even be preferable.


I already skip most minor versions. Sometimes, I don't check for many months. That's really the issue here - transparency. By having to login to each one and check the version number and go "is this far enough behind to look at updating?" it becomes a random update time rather than a purposeful process. The bulk update screen should be about transparency. Show a grid/list of current version numbers of each hub, show the latest version, how many versions behind each hub is and way to select and update a group at once. Even going to remote admin isn't that great because i don't really know what version I'm upgrading from/to. I'm just pushing buttons. For those that manage a lot of hubs, this would be huge . I'd be happy to increase my remote access fee for something like this.

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I agree in spirit with all of this. I find the current system for updating multiple hubs tedious, and not a real value added use of my time.

Once I decide that I want to upgrade to a release, I then do it on all my hubs to keep them on the same version.

It's a pain.

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If you are experienced with the browser development tools and look at network traffic when going through the update you will find the unofficial API it uses to update the hub. I personally use it to update my 4 hubs simultaneously via NodeRed dashboard. I have a button that calls a flow that will invoke the update API on each hub.

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