Update days of week with a bug?

Hi guys, hello from Portugal.
I think that in this new update there was a bug when using the days of week.
In App Mode Manager when I use the days of week an "Unexpected Error" appears and in App Rule Machine 5.1 when I use the days of week it doesn't let me install the rule.
I've uninstalled App Mode Manager several times and it's always the same.
If I don't use days of week in both App Mode Manager and App Rule Machine 5.1 work fine.
Anyone else with this problem?


I am not able to reproduce this problem. Could you open Logs, and then open the Mode Manager app. Take the steps you took to get an error, and then post a screenshot here of the Logs showing the error.

As for Rule Machine, please be more specific about the steps you are taking, and show screenshots also.


As shown in the figure below, if I don't change the days of the week, I leave them all marked as default, no problem.


If I uncheck some days, for example Saturday and Sunday, the error occurs.


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Thank you very much. I can reproduce that, and know exactly where the error is. We will get it fixed for the next hot fix release.


Thank you very much.

The error that occurred to me in the App Rule Machine was that I created a dateTime hub variable but I only used the time, and I used it for an event trigger and it won't let me install the rule. The following error occurred:

Am I making a mistake or it just doesn't work?

Could this have also been the culprit for my weirdness last night after updating? My Modes changed at midnight and disarmed system.

You should never get an error like this. Could you post a screenshot of how you got this, or just tell me the details. Using just the time should be ok.

I cannot reproduce this, using a Hub Variable for the time in a Certain Time trigger, where the Hub Variable has time only.

Never mind, I was able to reproduce it.

No, unrelated. This post belongs somewhere else.

This will be fixed in the next release. A work around is to put a date in the Hub Variable. Doing so will not change the fact that it triggers at the time, ignoring the date.

This now fixed in new release:

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