Update 2.1.4- Custom colors disappeared from all 4.0 rules

It seems since updating to 2.1.4 the hue and saturation levels for custom colors in RM 4.0 have disappeared. I don't know if this is the only app affected as it's the only one I call custom colors in. Willing to provide more info if needed.

Best to tag @bravenel.

I'm reluctant to update if this is the case.

I thought I did. Thanks.:crazy_face:

Could you please show your app status page, the top part with settings.

Sure. Thanks for taking a look at it.

I see the same things for pre 2.1.4 rules with custom colors. New rules show the correct information

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Does the rule still work correctly?

I probably should have given a more detailed description initially. The issue is with existing rules, pre-2.1.4.

Do the rules still work correctly? Trying to see if this is a UI problem or deeper.

No, they didn't. They threw an error about a null value for hue and saturation. I'm sorry I didn't save the logs and I've gone ahead and edited all of them since.

For me they do, yes. However, once i saw that I made sure that I never pressed "done" or "update rule" to keep the values as they were configured before. I have the "fear/assumption" that once I press done that they will go away. I can try to create a copy of the rule and see what happens.... Give me a moment

Ok, made a copy and it showed the same "problem".

Going into the rules actions and editing that actions shows that the Saturation Value was prefilled but the color value is missing:

This is my mistake. It will be fixed in next hot fix release. However new rules created with 2.1.4 using custom color will break the same way. These will have to be redone. Old rules will work again. My suggestion is to roll back to 2.1.3 and wait for release, or stop fixing these old rules and wait.


@bravenel was this fix included in the latest hotfix? It's not in the notes.

Yes it was, I just updated and it is fixed

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