Update 1.1.1: dragging level slider does not change light level

dragging the level slider does not change the light level. it only changes when you click on the slider.

is the new bulb tile expected to look like this? the on/off and the level slider just seems to be too close.

The entire tile tapping turns on / off. Dragging the slider changes the value on all my test systems. What system are you running?

Also, check console logs (f12) and you can see if it is sending the values. image

You must release the slider inside the tile or it will not work.

And yes, it is compact now to fit smaller tile usage.

on / off is fine. dragging slide not working on mac / chrome. here is an example tile to demonstrate. tile says 10% but slide is at around ~85%. dragging right does not consistently send setlevel.

couldnt that be dynamic?

Just confirmed on a Mac and Chrome, slider works fine. F12 console shows sending of commands as well.

Please check the console for errors and if the command logs as being sent.

What do you mean dynamic?

Also, if the device doesn't report its updated level it won't update dashboard.

You can watch the data back and forth in console. updates is the response every X seconds containing the changes to and sent commands.


If you drag the slider to multiple settings in between updates (every X seconds 2 for local, 5 for cloud defaults) it will not update each time, only to the last value.

seems like there is a 3 to 5 second lag between dragging the level and level value updating on the tile. that may have been what i was seeing.

adjust placement of the icon, level and slider based on the tile size.

Yes, dragging the slider is sending the command each time, you will see that immediately on the light. However, we don't update the ui until we get the next update with the current value, every X seconds via updates.

ahh ok. you are a patient man. :slight_smile:

dynamic placement then? :slight_smile:

Added to list.

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