Up arrow lives over the "done" button?

The up arrow lives over the "done" button on my Samsung S21+ Android app. FYI

Is it in Some earlier 2.3.3 versions had this issue. It could be device specific, too, so I'd like to rule out the version bit first.

I have the same issue on my Samsung S22 Ultra as well.
Currently running

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The same happens on Samsung Galaxy S20+. Running latest version.

It's odd that it seems to happen on plus and ultra. Not the same on S22

Even if you have a bookmark saved, it still looks fine, however on some phones the UI may look off without the address bar as shown in above picture:

You know far more than I do about this. I'm guessing that there is something about the formatting of the screen and the dimensions of the + devices such that it's just bad luck that they are superimposed. I can touch on the edge of the up arrow and get the "done" button underneath to work so it's not a major issue to just work around.

Thanks for checking!

It shows up sporadically on my S21 (non plus) when I scroll to the bottom of the page while using Chrome (not in desktop site mode) and also using the mobile app through Chrome. It enlarges the small box/area at the bottom between the done button and menu at the bottom pushing the done button under the return to top arrow button.

I can now reproduce it fairly regular by scrolling to the bottom and then trying to scroll down again.

Same on Pixel 6 Pro

Doesn't seem to be happening on my S21, the normal one not the other larger ones.

@gopher.ny - interestingly enough I did see it on Chrome on Win 11 today.

Larger is normal.
You have the smaller one.

I have been pwned... :sob: :clap:

Seeing the same here using Firefox on a Galaxy Tab A 10.1 running Android 11. Also happens on my Motorola Moto G Stylus 2021 with Firefox and Android 11.

Firefox is most recent version on both devices.

I am not seeing this anymore.

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