Unused c-5

i have an unused c-5 cause i was going to separate bulbs from my c4. ended up never doing it cause i had an issue with "if it isnt broke dont fix it"

so since i had it sitting around i had a friend at work ask me "thats the smartthings alternative you told me about last year..im done with them".

so i was just going to give him my c5 that was never used. anything i need to do to make sure he doesnt have any issues with the setup process?

I believe the process for transferring ownership of a hub is to perform a FULL RESET on it, using the diagnostics tool at http://yourHubIP:8081. Tagging @bobbyD to see if he has any other suggestions.


If you never used it, then you don't need to do anything. If you registered the hub, then ...



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