Unresponsive HUB

Three times this week my HE has become unresponsive and has locked up. I am away from my house at the moment, so I don't have local access to pull any logs. When I remote into my router, the HE doesn't show up as a connected (wired) device, all of my other devices on the network are visible through the router. I have tried remotely rebooted the router and the HE is still unavailable. I have been using a WIFI plug to cycle the hub and that seems to temporarily reconnect the hub. Since It doesn't show up on my network, I can't access it to reset it. I have an IP address reserved on my router for my HE.

All Hub operations stop working until I power cycle the unit.

I had this issue a while ago and I installed Web Pinger to reset HE on the loss of network, but it doesn't run while in this condition. The only modifications recently made to the hub have been upgrading the OS.

I have a C-5 running

Any thoughts on what could be locking up the hub?