Unresponsive HUB

I have a Hubitat hub and unfortunately is happening something strange every2-3 days (more often than 3-4 month ago).

I can connect to the hub, I can see devices (not the real status), etc. However no automations neither control to any of them can be made. Once “i press” the icon nothing is happening with the physical device except the pictogram with the “hourglass” is appearing. If refreshed (exiting and entering again to the dashboard) the initial shown state of the device appear. A soft restart doesn't resolve the issue, only a disconnect from the power source does.

With the last update .148 this start happening almost every day, up to this update happened rarely, maybe once >2-3 weeks sometimes working flawless for 2-3 months. I downgrade the firmware but doesn't solve the issue.

What hub model?
Are these devices zigbee or z-wave or mix?

It's hard to say what could be going on without more details.

Screenshots of what the hub logs page is showing when you experience this issue can be very helpful.

Take a look at this page from the hub documentation:


While most of us here don't work for hubitat, the same principles apply, in terms of how you can help us help you by providing enough info up front.


Hi All,

Thank you for very quick replies.
Hub is C-5 EU version.
I have about 25 ZWave devices and approx. 15 ZigBee (only Xiaomi).
I have as well 11 "custom drivers" for xiaomi Aquara - installed at the very beginning and never had a problem.
Everything was working perfect 4-5 months, then suddenly HUB becomes un-responsible as described above. After .148 update its almost useless. I have to unplug it every day.
See few screenshots attached

Thank you one more time.

Are the zigbee reporting/updating while the z-wave are unresponsive or is everything not working

Please take another look at the support article I linked to above.

The only other thing I would suggest at this time is to please clarify whether this is only a problem when trying to interact with your dashboards? Or do you also have automations that fail to run correctly? Can you control devices from their device settings pages in the hub GUI (not a dashboard)?

Again, screenshots of hub logs taken while you reproduce the exact problems you are having are what others need to try to understand what's going on and what to do about it.

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