Unresponsive Hub [resolved]

My C7 Hub suddenly stopped responding tonight. There had been no prior slowdown or other issues recently.

I've tried rebooting, a soft reset and restore and now a second soft reset which resulted in the hub being hung.

I've opened a ticket, but am wondering if anyone has a suggestion in the meantime. I do have Hub Protect, so I think I can maybe do a factory reset and cloud migration back to the same Hub? That's assuming it's just corruption and not a hardware issue. Are there any options short of that?


One thing I see missing from your list is a power cycle. The Zigbee and ZWave radios don't restart during a soft reset. A power cycle should be done by a Shutdown from the Settings menu and then remove power at the wall. (The micro usb can be delicate, so we always suggest not wiggling it when there's a perfectly good plug on the other end. :slight_smile: )

i did power cycle, just forgot to mention it.

Must be a time based thing :wink:, mine died also last night :frowning:
Also no responce from support yet. But they only respond during buisnes hours in EST.

What is the LED color?

I have been seeing something very similar the last 2 to 3 weeks. I have notices a few things about it.

  1. Mine can be predicted to happen at about 48 hours give or take a few. Up until last night it would happen between 11:30pm and 5AM for me. This changed last night I believe it was because two days ago I rebooted the Hub right before I went to bed, so 48 hours is not in the evening.
  2. When I rebooted the hub two days ago to try and prevent it from hanging up, I noticed a low memory error, that I can't find in the logs. I have been going over everything installed on the hub and removing anything that is not in active use or I decided I can live without for right now.

I have emailed support and got the response that it has been sent to engineering team.

I am open to any suggestions. I have setup an app on the hub to reboot it every morning at 2am to try and keep things in the house stable for the time being. It is a New C-7 that was first installed back in Jan. at first I thought it was just the network connectivity dropping until I saw the memory alert a few days ago.

Things seem to be back to normal this morning. The hub eventually booted and allowed me to try another restore last night, but it was very slow even an hour after the restore to the point where the devices and apps pages didn’t fully load. I decided to go to bed and tackle it this morning again, but it seems OK now.