Unlocking per user notification


I´m using a Yale lock model Yale YMC 420D - I believe it isn´t available in USA. Basically, it´s a Zigbee lock with support to be open through PIN codes, cards and fingerprints.

Using the Yale Zigbee Lock driver it doesn´t report the position of the PIN or fingerprint used to unlock, but the Generic Zigbee Lock returns this information: Porta da Sala was unlocked by unknown codeNumber: 1

I would like to receive a notification showing whose code was used to unlock the door - by example, if the code 002 was used, the notification should display "The door was unlocked by Marcus at certain time", and so on.

I know I should use the lock opening as trigger, but I don´t know how to extract the information provided by the event and associate it to a name. I thing I should use variables - if code x than name Y - and the send the notification, but I don´t have the knowledge to make it.

Any help, suggestions or tips are welcome, thanks in advance!

@marcusvrsilva easy enough with the notification app... You can simply break it up on a per device/person notification or use RM to get more granular

Hi @rlithgow1! I already use the notification app to other situations, it is really very useful. The main question is that I don´t know how to break the information per user...

Sorry! I didn´t notice there is an app specific to this purpose, Lock Code Manager. It will be esay now, thanks for the help!

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