Unknown Zigbee Contact Sensor

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to physically locate a Zigbee sensor that could be placed in your home OR potentially a neighbors home? I have a Contact Sensor Visonic MCT-350 SMA adding itself to my HE. I have only (4) of these devices and they are all accounted for. I have also double checked the Zigbee ID in case I am dealing with a potential ghosting and none of the IDs are identical.

Also could this be my ST hub? Just curious for any advice.

If you click EVENTS for this mystery device, is there any recent data?

Also, if you didn’t add it, why is it included in one of your Rules?

Great question! I added a rule to notify me if the contact opened as I can't find it anywhere. I only own (4) of those contacts and all are accounted for.

Events for the device:

Seems like an active device. Your theory of a neighbor’s device sounds somewhat plausible, assuming the neighbors a pretty close by. Do you know if any of your neighbors are into home automation?

Also try going into Zigbee setting and click on Zigbee logging. Compare the signal strength of that device to the rest. Possible it's weaker than the rest could point to your neighbors or strong for a spare you have forgotten somewhere.

So I let this run a bit and the results are below. I have no idea what the numbers mean. Is the number closest to 0 better? Example my HE is in the same room as the Office Zigbee device.

Also no idea where this generic contact is located. Ugh!

That’s strange and might drive me crazy. I might remove it from the system and see what stops working.

That's the problem. It's a contact sensor so it isn't associated to anything. :frowning:

Here's the info for signal strength.

It seems a bit uncanny that you would click "Discover" at the moment your neighbor was clicking the pairing button, and he or she didn't reset their device when it didn't show up in their system.

I think that sounds a bit too far fetched. Must be a different cause, but sorry, I don't have that explanation or even a hypothesis.

Yeah I am quite stumped right now. My only thought is this could be the ST hub and HE selecting that driver. No idea really.

I don’t think the ST hub would be sending temperature updates... speaking of temperature, do those temperatures help to determine a location. 62 degrees seems a little cool for an indoor sensor.

couldn't you look up the 64 bit address? That's the MAC address for the device. Every sensor should have a sticker with the MAC address on it.

I had the same thing happen.
Local security company uses Visonic sensors.
Likely lost connection with their hub and then rejoined to mine.
I just deleted them and they have not come back.

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Unfortunately they are not connected to a wifi. So not sure how to find it.

The heat isn't on in our home currently. So the temps are about right. Just no idea where it is.

If it’s cold outside, close the door to a room and open the windows. Then watch the temperature to see if it drops. If not, try another room. Repeat until you find it.

Not sure what else you can do.

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I'm not a ZigBee expert by any stretch of the imagination but I have a few thoughts:

If it is an errant sensor from a nearby neighbor then it will not show up on their system. I assume a ZigBee can only be paired to one hub at a time.

If I had such a problem I would simply shut down all four devices one a time and see what the hub thinks. If all four were disconnected (battery removed?) and your "extra" device was still there, I would simply delete it and see what happens.

I continue to delete it but it comes back automagically. I believe Zigbee enables devices previously connected to connect again. I know my neighbor had a security system from both Vivint and now Xfinity installed. He had the newer implementation which used a lot of Zigbee and Zwave devices. Worst case scenario is I name it zzzzzcintact and not really ever see it in my list per se’


Assuming it is a neighbor's device you could:

  1. Talk to Hubitat first to check the best way to reset the ZibBee stick and start from scratch (with regard to ZigBee)

  2. Talk to your neighbor and ask if they are missing a contact sensor in their system.

I would do the 1st. I'm a little conservative and don't want anyone to know the details of my automation / security system.

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