Unknown z-wave device

Hi Folks, i have this device sitting under my z-wave devices. How do you figure out what this is and how do i deal with it? Is this what i've read before being a "zwave ghost"?

Try doing a repair on it, see if it works or not. If it works then the device is online.

There are multiple possibilities.

  1. The device is still online and part of the mesh but you force removed the device entry from the hub devices (leaving the node on the z-wave mesh like this).
  2. Device broke and/or was reset and you force removed it from the hub list but never removed from the z-wave radio, due to not being able to exclude.
  3. Partial or failed paring, and the device was added to the z-wave radio but did not get far enough to add to the hubs devices.

Since it is still showing a neighbor count, it is unlikely you will be able to get the hub to remove it.

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Thanks, will do.
Correct me if im wrong, the (10) value is the DNI, yes? If so this entry does correspond to the working switch that have not been touched since its been setup and it looks to be on line and working.

No, it is the z-wave node id.

What is 0x11?

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No, the DNI shown on the devices list is the HEX value, your node you showed above is "0A" (0x0A).

Your switch would show as 0x10 (016) on the Zwave details.

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Got it. Thank you guys. THis is helpful and im glad its not the the same item. I do have an old Jasco zwave switch that failed recently and was replaced, but i thought i removed it cleanly and was pretty sure it was gone out of zwave devices list. But, now wondering if thats really is the same. I did refresh on it and it still sitting in pending mode for now, so cant do repair on it just yet

So assuming for a minute this is that failed switch that no longer exist, since its still showing neighbor count, how is it affecting the mesh, if any? I think i did have to force remove it because the switch was no longer accessible and i suppose it still didnt cleant it up right, if its indeed the entry for that switch.. so what is the right process for me to clean out?

So usually if a device is offline, the neighbor count will slowly drop to 1 (hub only). For some unknown reason, it seems like they sometimes get stuck and the other devices refuse to forget about the neighbor. From what I understand, in this case there is a chance that when other devices are re-routing they would possibly attempt to route through this dead node. For a dense and healthy mesh, it should not really be much of an impact, especially with only one of these "ghost" nodes.

To get rid of it, unfortunately the hub will refuse as it has been recently found that is neighbors are showing the hub will always say the node is no longer in the failed list when you try to remove. You could try to refresh until you get the remove button, maybe it will work, but probably not. The best way in this case is to use a USB stick as a secondary controller. There is guide here: How To: Remove Z-Wave Ghosts (including using a UZB Stick)


Looks like that is the case with me, it just not going away. To make it worse, we had another power outage and another one of these old Jasco ZW4005 have crapped out - thankfully its last old one i have. So now i have two to remove that are stuck in the same state. So looks like i will have to go z-wave stick route... Thank you for your feedback!