Unknown exception occured while saving app code

Is anyone else coming across this error when trying to save app code for a parent app???
The code hasn't changed yet I am unable to save it at all... even with only the slightest adjustments to comments etc.

I have recently just updated from to the latest (wish I hadn't now)
is there anything that changed regarding saving parent app code that I'm unaware of?

any help would be appreciated...

I haven't had any problems saving code.

It would help to see a screenshot of the error in the log (multiple lines of log leading up to the error instead of just the error is best). Also, a screenshot of the code in question.

The code is over 3000 lines long. But it hasn’t changed since the last save before updating the platform.

There is no error message in the logs.
The error appears at the top of the code screen in a yellow bar?

I’ll post a screenshot shortly. :+1:t3:

Something must have changed because I've just reverted back to and now I'm able to save the code again??? any ideas what may have changed to make it not save on the latest software @bravenel @bobbyD @mike.maxwell

Based on the logs, there's a NullPointerException happening in checkIfAllRequiredDevicesExist method when it's making a getChildDevice call. That call requires app instance and a corresponding id, and the app isn't saved yet. I can put a guard in getChildDevice call, but for now can you catch the exception in your code?

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Excellent Thank you. I’ll give that a try.

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