Unknown device

Any ideas on how to solve this?

sys:12021-10-31 12:14:36.878 pm Received data from, no matching device found for, C0A85664:114D, 94103E40438D or C0A85664.

Well, that’s a Bekin device… maybe wemo?

Any idea on how I get it to stop caring?

Honestly i dont know. I dont see Belkin or Wemo on the officially supported device list… my best guess would be a smartapp misconfig.

Do you have WeMo Connect installed?
More to the point I suppose, do you have any WeMo devices?

You have to get it to stop sending data to the hub. This is just a log entry stating that something came in from that MAC and IP address (both in hex) on port 39501, which is designated for unsolicited inbound traffic on Hubitat and used for some LAN integrations, but no matching device on Hubitat was found, with the match being a DNI matching either of those hex values.

As for what it is, the above are good guesses. If it's not causing problems, you could really ignore it too, but I'd probably rather see if the issue can be addressed.

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Ok thanks. Yes I do have some old wemos. wish they worked :wink: