Unknown device in Zwave graph

In the new graph for Zwave I have an unknown device displayed in the graph and it indicates the address 04 for that device and I don't have any device at this address, my first device address is OB and I don't have ghost device.


When I look at the route for the other devices they are directly attached to the hub, not through this unknown device. Is it a bug ?

Yes, we're working on fixing it, 04 in your case is actually another node address for the Hub.


@mike.maxwell Also my Zwave graph looks like this and most of the links are wrong

How do you know they are wrong?


It links many devices together that I don't see any link between them in the route.

The links between a device and all the neighbors it reports. If you look at the 2-D topology map, each blue square is a link between a device and a neighbor it can see and communicate with.


I put in a thing today about that. Maybe have a toggle just to show routes only instead of neighbors.


That would be nice !

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