Unknown device in Log of Zigbee repeator Route Table

I have in the Log of one of my Zigbee repeator Route Table a device listed as Unknown:8B94

route info- Destination:Unknown:8B94, Next Hop:Garage ikea repeater, Status:Active

I can't find this device listed anywhere else, but an only new with Hubitat. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Tim

I wouldn’t worry about it. I think zigbee devices can change their 8-bit address. And that table reflects a singular moment of time.

Thank you @aaiyar

It has been in the logs as Unknown:8B94 for a few weeks now.

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My xbees show up as unknown

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@Rxich is there a way I can find out what device Unknown:8B94 is?

You can display the 16 bit addresses in the device list page by clicking the grey eye in upper right corner. Look for that address, which may or may not be found.
You could try shutting down the hub, pulling power from the wall(not the hub) and then restart the hub-which may clear the neighbor table

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@Rxich thank you for the tip on using the "grey eye" to display the 16 bit adresses! Unfortunately after shutting down and removing the power from the wall the Unknown decive was still listed in the log for one repeator.

Thanks for your help!!

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