Unknown Cloud request from WAN IP

I am getting the following warning in my log almost every hour, on the hour. This is the log

[sys:1]( 08:59:22.972 AM[warn]( cloud request for App 773 that does not exist, path: /pluginStatus from ***MY.WAN.IP***

[sys:1]( 08:59:20.232 AM[warn]( cloud request for App 773 that does not exist, path: /devices from *MY.WAN.IP*

This is my old C7 that I reset and assigned a static IP. I have no idea where this is coming from but I am concerned that it is not a local IP. On the other hand, port forwarding is off on my router so I dont see how it could be coming from outside.

Without knowing what IP it's coming from it's kind of hard to tell but it is likely that whatever app 773 was had a cloud component that is still active and trying to reach the app.

When you're using some integrations with a cloud component the Hubitat cloud acts as a sort of broker service for hubs, and I believe it is based on the ID of the hub, not its IP address. So the cloud component of whatever it is says "hey Hubitat cloud, I'm looking for hub 12345" and the Hubitat cloud makes the connection happen. Since your C7 ID doesn't change when you do a reset, that orphaned cloud service is still out there trying to find out what happened to app 773.

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Really wish there was an easy way to find app/device ID. electing each app/device to see what the ID is is very annoying and time consuming. Looks like I dont have much choice

Prime suspects are usually MakerAPI, Alexa Echo Skill, Life360, SharpTools, etc.

Oh there is... but the issue is that app 773 is no longer there to find.


Just open an app, look at the URL, and change that 754 (or whatever) to the app id you want. But it wont help if it's gone!

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Only real way to find out is restore a backup from before, and see what app 773 was (http://hubIP/installedapp/configure/773)


OMG!!!! Thank you, thank you..... :smiley:

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You forgot Homebridge :smiley: Thanks to @brad5 It was easy to find on the C8. Why it is sending messages to this new IP is another puzzle but should be able to figure out.


FYI. Fortunately for me, the app id from C7 was migrated to C8.

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