Unique mode situation

I am struggling with how to pull this off.


  • Day
  • Kids
  • Away

What is happening currently
Change between Day and Away is by presence of the adults. Kids mode, however is done by use of a virtual keypadn just before leaving the house. This is working great except when we exit the geofence area it goes to Away mode.

What I want to happen

  1. We choose to set Kids mode via the keypad
  2. We exit the geofence
  3. House stays in Kids mode
  4. We enter the geofence
  5. House "returns from Away" as dictate by Mode Manager

There may be some that remember I had a slightly different issue with a third presence device being involved. Well this is replacing that because our child got his phone taken away so now we are only dealing with two presence devices.

I think you're in custom app territory or a rule in RM. Mode Manager cannot accomplish this (AFAIK).

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Oh, I'm sure of that. I just posted here because I am not super familiar with using RM for modes.

Set a boolean (or virtual switch to on) to true when kids mode is active and false when not. Then allow presence to change to day, and away to activate only if boolean is false (or switch is off).

Global variable for that I assume?

Couldn't I just use the mode itself as a conditional?

Yep. Many ways to skin a cat. Not sure where that phrase came from, but...

Man I hate having these brainstorming moments just before I have to go to work!

Is there an "ignore" type command in RM in relation to mode?

Not an ignore command, but we can ignore it. I'll help you later if you want. Send me a PM. Have a great day at work.

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Awesome! Thank you!

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You could also use a virtual presence sensors for the kids.

Virtual switch would probably be easier for testing, help you sort out the logic in a rule.

I'd go for two rules, although I'm not sure what the trigger options are for a virtual keypad.

Rule 1 could be triggered by a change in presence, with conditional actions saying if not present and currently in Day mode, change the mode to Away. If present, change mode to Day.

Rule 2 would need to be triggered by the keypad, like I said, not sure what the trigger would be exactly. This would have the action to change the mode to Kids.

You may want to tweak the logic in rule 1 about which mode to select on returning home, allowing for some kind of night mode option, perhaps based on time of day.

I use RM to manage my modes as mode manager couldnt quite fit my needs. I have 2 rules, and this could be pretty close to fitting your needs. I also use the virtual keypad to set modes, so you can see how i do that in RM below:

Here is my main mode manager rule. This runs on the schedule as seen, but I can also manually run the actions from other various rules to ensure my hub is in the correct mode, like after a hub restart, which mode manager could not do.

This RM rule will set any custom modes, for your case, you could use this to set away/kids mode:

you can see in my "ModeManager" rule, that if the mode is in away or party, it will skip the rest of the logic, and keep it in that mode. This could be your kid mode. Then use the 2nd rm "ModeManagerCustom" to set into kid mode from the keypad, or away based on your presence sensors (if not already in kid mode).


I THINK I have it!

This will give a presence change to the "Kids" device if Kid's mode is set on the key pad. In any other mode the default is not present...

...which then allows Away mode to be triggered in Mode Manager!

I also have Mode Manager configured to just my wife or I trigger "Return From Away" which I already know will pull mode out of Kids and into Day (or Evening).

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Mode Manager has a feature about Modes to ignore Presence changes. By putting Kids there, it won't go to Away when you leave. Then the issue is simply how to deal with your return.

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I had seen that. I will have to do some testing with the above set of rules. I think the way I have it set up is the best way to achieve the time based evening mode and return from away function.

It's pretty easy to accomplish this. The trickier aspect is dealing with presence leaving. For example, suppose you AND the kids leave, so you're not leaving from Kids mode. It will then change to Away, and the return from Away logic will happen as desired when you come back. So it's only dealing with the mode when you return and are in Kids mode. That's pretty easy to deal with.

So what you're saying is leave kids mode set to ignore presence and use rule machine to handle what to do when returning when the house is in Kids Mode?

That's how I'd do it. This is a pretty simple rule.

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I think this is correct:

This my config in Mode Manager. The time conditional in Mode Manager will still handle setting Evening instead of Day when the rule I made runs after sunset, correct?