Unifi G4 Doorbell and C8

Hi - New to this and getting my head around stuff.. so apologies if this is a stupid question.

I have a new C8 and a Unifi G4Doorbell.

I have installed the Tomw Devices for the Protect Doorbell, and created a simple rule that when the button is pressed it announces on Alexa. All fine and works on the device screen using the command buttons. But when the doorbell is pressed, the bell rings... but there does not seem to be any interaction with the C8. Also changing the message etc on the doorbell device page, does not reflect on the doorbell screen?

Must be missing something simple... Help?


On the device page on HE for it, what attributes are available?

I am using a G4 doorbell (using tomw drivers) with my C8 hub and previously with a C5. This is the notification rule I have setup for when the doorbell is pressed:

These are the drivers that I have installed via Hubitat Package Manager:

And these are the devices I have for the doorbell:


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

So - I am a little lost!

I had simply installed the virtual driver for the doorbell, but it seems that is not right?

I have to install the controller? And then create a child?

The controller IP I assume is the DreamMachine?

User and password.

But then what? I get an error....

So I am left with an error and no way forward... clearly being stupid....... learning curve!!


Easiest thing to do is install Hubitat Package Manager and then use it to install the hubitat_unifiprotect package by tomw. That will install everything you need. If not the drivers can be manually installed from GitHub - tomwpublic/hubitat_unifiProtect. At minimum you need the controller, camera and doorbell drivers.

  • In the Devices section of Hubitat, add a New Virtual Device of type UniFi Protect Controller.
  • On the configuration page for the newly created Device, enter these details and Save:
    • username and password for your UniFi Protect controller
    • the IP address of your UniFi Protect controller

Very helpful - thanks.

Not sure why it didn't work first time, but uninstall and re install... perfect. Thanks for the help


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I just want to say thanks for making this post. I am very new to Hubitat but was able to get this up and running so that my G4 doorbell button press can trigger other other actions in HE.

I'm glad you both got this working @user6134 and @user5456.

Please post any other questions or requests in my main thread: Ubiquiti Unifi Protect cameras - #37 by tomw

There's a lot of good info in that thread about using my integration, and it's easier for me to keep track of things if it's in one thread. Case in point: I totally missed the discussion here, but I appreciate the others that stepped in to help!