Unifi Camera Integration

New user with more questions.
I have Unifi networking equipment installed in my home and I would like to get my Unifi cameras incorporated on my Hubitat Dashboard. I believe if you have the IP info on the cameras it can be done but I would like to find step by step instructions to incorporate the cameras either a video or article. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

It's not quite that easy as each camera manufacturer and even sometimes models have their own url string format to get the video, so you'd need to get that info for your particular IP cameras. Something like http://IP:Port/cgi-bin/mjpg/video.cgi but sometimes that line needs to be different for the specific camera and if you have security setup on the cameras then you may need to pass credentials in that string... You then just make a tile on your dashboard with the Image template and put that URL in the Image URL field, however viewing those images will work or not depending on the browser and/or platform your viewing your dashboard from. I had video streams on my dashboard for a while and they worked on my Android tablet but not my iOS devices and eventually they stopped working on my Android too I think due to browser changes. It most likely had to do with my streaming .264 instead of mjpeg but I never put that much time into getting it to work everywhere as I have other ways to view the feeds.

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Another alternative, depending on the camera system, is a URL that points at the DVR or camera system. I use iSpy (right now) and that allows me to create URLs that point to my iSpy server and I can pull jpg or mjpg from the server. Each camera is just a parameter (option) in the http string.

For example:


where oid=1 is camera #1. Overlay=false just suppresses the text that iSpy would normally put on the image. You can also put image size parameters in the url.

I was playing with that a little bit this week and learned that an html image (img) tag (at least when rendered in Chrome) will not only display a jpg (which I expected) but will also play an mjpg stream. I thought I was going to have to use a bunch of iframe tags to put my critical camera feeds on a web page but I am able to do it with img tags. I am still struggling with how to organize it all and make it look nice(r).


Thanks....That gives me a start....onward and upward....

Thanks...I just installed ISpy and will be playing around with it....I love my Hubitat....it makes this stuff fun....:smiley:

I have also kicked in for a Camect box. It's supposed to ship from China in March if not held up due to Corona Virus. If that works as well as it sounds, I may convert over to that. The Camect folks have already participated in this community as there is interest in integration between it and Hubitat. Never really sure what camera integration means to most folks - I think it's mostly displaying feeds on dashboards and using motion to trigger things. I have never had much success using cameras as motion detectors, I go the other way, using motion detectors on Hubitat to trigger snapshots or film clips on iSpy.

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That box looks interesting. My use will just be monitoring my two cams on the dashboard and not relying on them for motion detection....will use a separate motion detector for that purpose.....thanks for the info on the new box...

I don't know what others have been able to achieve, but as far as I know, local camera displays on dashboards do not display on cloud dashboards, app or web UI.

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Update. The Camect was held up in Hong Kong for a couple of weeks but DHL just delivered it. Some of the delay (since February) was caused by me because I asked for a delayed shipment because I was out of the country. We got back in March just as the COVID-19 s#!t was hitting the fan. I am looking forward to playing with this.