Unexpected Smartthings Sensors Battery Drain

Is it possible, that a device listed in the Sharptools app, that is a smartthings multi sensor, motion sensor, or even smartthings button, that Sharptools will poll it constantly and drain the batteries fast?

Ive been getting serious battery drain on all things battery powered and cannot figure out why the batteries are draining so fast.

No. SharpTools is event driven... when the device reports an event to the hub, it is forwarded onto SharpTools for display. No polling involved.

Do you have any automations that are set to frequently send commands to these device? For example, periodically sending a refresh() or configure() command in a rule or something along those lines?

Or what other apps / automations are using these devices?

I know that Alexa can tell me the temperature of my garage based on the motion sensor and two multi sensors (tilt sensors on the doors).

All of them are Smartthings battery powered.

Can Alexa drain them?

The Alexa integration should be event driven too. :thinking:

I have another post here somewhere :slight_smile: about a week ago about ST (and other) devices and battery levels.Short answer IMHO is ignore battery levels going from 100% to say 30% and then to 1% in a matter of weeks. There are no consisten rules in the device handlers that indicate real battery levels.
I used to monitor levels and now I don't; when it stops working change the battery.
I have many ST motion sensors that all died rapidly no matter what brand of battery I used; they kept on working. I have one that has been at 0% for 6 months and chugs away flawlessly.


Battery life also sucks if you have a weak Zigbee mesh.


In most (all?) cases, the problem isn't the device handlers (software) ability to indicate battery levels, as they usually just report what the device sends. The issue is with the devices themselves (and to some degree the nature of the batteries we use).

And a weak mesh is not always predictable. I have XCTU running 24/7 on my PC and monitor Zigbee daily. I have a bulb with a current 255 LQI in XCTU, and for the last 2 days prior it went rogue, 0 LQI, & was not consistently controllable. I don't know if my neighbors changed wifi channels, the snow, the sun, the ham radio guy next door,brand of coffee we bought or maybe the bulb is going bad?
What I'm saying is you'll never really know, unless you monitor.

Run this command and post back results:

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Fair point.
I made the assumption from my previous experience with ST that the math was in the driver from raw hex data.
For years I had consistent battery levels for 2 gens of ST motion sensors and then it just all went for crap. My only conclusion was the driver layer, ST making "improvements", as I certainly didn't push any firmware to my devices.

depends which sensors.. i know the smartthings multi battery is innacurate.. it goes to 0 within a few days and then works for another month or do before really dying.. install device watchdog or
i recommend device activity check to tell when it is really dead.

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Yes I actually installed Watchdog and Device activity to test.
They both did nothing, Ha!
The reason was the driver I was using was Oh-La Labs and the darn thing keep trying a keep alive so both apps saw traffic in the logs and thought all was fine.
I have turned off all the recovery features in the driver so hopefully I will see when things really stop talking now.
Stay tuned :wink:

I also have the xbee XCTU as well but don't monitor it often unless I have issue.
I find my batteries went south with a weak mesh or when I removed a repeater and the end devices rebuilding the mesh.

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