Unexpected Error - Consistently

If I set up an action in Rule Engine

With a trigger on any of 9 Thermostat Controllers going into an operating state of 'heating' AND an ACTION of WAIT for Events of 9 TRVs with an increased TEMP

I get the Unexpected error condition - the ACTIONS are all deleted any subsequent attempt to edit the actions will result in the Unexpected Error the only option is to Remove the Rule and start again.

I have attempted a few times getting the same consistent error.

I am now creating a set of rules of ONE per Thermostat Controller and TRV

I saw a similar thing happen back in the summer, I reported it here.

The rules I saw this on had quite a few triggers as well.

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Not concerned by this but reporting so the HE guys at least know of an issue.

I can just create 9 different rules to get around this issue.

I think this may have something to do with using custom attribute triggers. I was playing around with the rule that was similar to the rule that gave me this issue the first time. It has 7 triggers all using custom attributes from my Echo devices. I added another trigger to it to try something and it corrupted the rule. I should have exported it before I started, but I forgot.

I just rebuilt it.