Undertile Heating (hotwire matt) control

Hi. New to Hubitat and about to install into our new house in Australia.

I am adding undertile heating to our ensuite and am after a way to control the temperature of it.

Will this work - Flush ON/OFF Thermostat | Qubino

Obviously I will have to put the sensor under the tiles prior to tiling.


Should do but I use this so can have manual control, works with stock driver ish (clock isnt updated)
#Aliexpress £64.94 | Haozee Z Wave Plus Thermostat Floor Heating Control Wireless Electric Heating System Smart Home Automation

I looked at under tile heating for our bathroom but decided it didn't work for us (various reasons).

However I was told to put redundant sensors under the tile in the event one fails. They suggested two, I would have put more.

Just my opinion, but conceptually I would not give any automation system "full authority" over a heating or cooling system. An appropriate smart thermostat where you can set the Max and min temperatures in the thermostat setup menu is a better alternative. This would be a "safety" in case the home automation system went berserk.



Not sure what kind of code over there but for safety reason. You will need a proper underfloor thermostat for over/under temp protection and GFCI protection for short circuit.
Here's one that will work with HE but not sure on your country.

Would this nice Sinopé zigbee thermostat be appropriate for a bathroom floor tile? Or is it more for in-home heating?

If you can use their sensors then it is likely to work.

However if you already have the floor and Sensors installed then you must check to see if they are appropriate for use with the Sinope.

I found this specification on the Sinope website:
Compatible sensor: 10 K Ω or 12 K Ω at 25 °C (configurable).

If you are not sure about the sensor you can measure it with an ohmmeter at ~ 77 °F.

I have it for my washroom floor tile heating and dining room tile floor as well.

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