Under-Counter Lighting

The only thread I found on this is quite old. So, let me get the ball rolling again.

**The Situation: **I have need for under-counter lighting in my kitchen. I have plenty of AC receptacles available. I don't need fancy; all I want is white light and the ability to dim or brighten. I want Zigbee protocol.

**The Question: **What strips, pucks, fixtures, or what-ever have any of you used that are not too complicated or "cludge-y". I saw something on Sengled that looked like it might fit the bill (LED strips) but the package I saw, including the strips, power supply, and remove wall control, just as quickly disappeared.

Your thoughts?

This might be a good stepping stone for you:

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I have some Philips Hue Lightstrips under my kitchen cabinets. The driver is the ‘Advanced Zigbee RGBW bulb’ driver.

Jeff says I bought them February 7, 2019. Had to buy two sets because I have a bunch of cabinets.

Rather than using multiple wall warts, I used these https://a.co/d/elYNkV4

and these https://a.co/d/iAflNkm

And this behind the microwave https://a.co/d/7cy2Eg3

Or you can get “dumb” but dimmable lights and use a smart plug that’s dimmable to control them.

I am using DIY Pixelblaze-based projects (7 as of today) for all my LED Strips lighting
(under cabinet, under counter, balcony, etc ...).
Plus in addition to the lighting I am using these LED Strips as a Status Indicators for a different events.


The nice thing is their Zigbee controller can handle pretty much any of the "dumb" style LED strips that you throw at it.

I'm a much bigger fan of the Shelly RGBW2 though, mostly due to its form factor. Is IP based, but the Shelly drivers for Hubitat are pretty solid and they have no cloud dependency (although you can enable it).


Good to see Pete again!