Under Counter Lighting

Can anybody confirm is if these pair and work with Hubitat?


@mike.maxwell any experience with these yet?

My ears must be ringing, I ordered two of these from amazon last week, they sent me something else, the non zigbee ones, so hopefully the correct ones should show up tomorrow, then I'll let you know!
I suspect they will work A-OK with the generic zigbee ct driver, but probably don't have the device fingerprint


Yes. They show up as a Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev). However, I'd stay away from them. They are HORRIBLE repeaters. I have one left that I desperately want to replace.

A better solution is the Ikea Tradfri Driver with either the Stromlinje light strips or the Omlopp ones. Once you purchase the Driver, you can hook either 3 or 9 lights off of it (depending on the 10w or 30w model). Granted, you can't control each light individually, but you can still control them without all the routing nightmares that Sylvanias are known for.

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yup, hence me having a dedicated hub just for all my bulbs...

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Yeah, I think I'm going to have to do that soon. I think I'm up to close to 40 bulbs and the wife wants me to add a few more this weekend.

One a single hub dedicated for lighting, how are you doing routing over distances?

Thats a shame, they look nice in concept. Is this the same repeating issue I found with the Smart + outlets and my HB fans? What is it that Sylvania are getting wrong in their products?

It's not specially Osram/Sylvania, and honestly I don't know the reason they don't work correctly.

for the price of the sylvania you could have full color rbgww under cabinet lighting with

and some LED strips. I bought mine on aliexpress but i think i have seen them on amazon for almost as good of price.. and they work well..

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I spent HOURS talking to Sylvania support about this.

Basically, it's a firmware issue that Sylvania will probably never fix. The bulbs are highly susceptible to buffer overflows because they have tiny buffers. So, they get overflowed and then end up freezing. Because they ARE repeaters, the hub they are connected to will still try to route through them, even when they can't route anymore due to being in a frozen state.

SmartThings's fix was to slow traffic down to the bulbs and when they would freeze, unplug them, unplug the hub, and then power everything back on in hopes of building a better routing table. It was a mess, to say the least.

When I had a bunch of them (damn Lowes for having them on clearance!), I had to toggle the power on a bunch of them at least once a week just to keep them working "reliably".

I have two GLEDOPTO controllers now... Why they use push down terminals I cannot understand for the life of me. Would it be that much more money to sell it with screw terminals!?

They work fine enough, as long as they don't get jostled around where the fine little LED wires wiggle out of the controllers. One is outside in a water box, we'll see how long it lasts. Take that Hue!

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Excellent info, thank you @corerootedxb . Whats the betting they use the same zigbee subsystem in all Lightify products?

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On a side note, we need a device compatibility database. This kind of info per-device, searchable and updatable, would go a long way to making the whole home automation experience a lot less guesswork, and a lot more science.

Technically there is one in the wiki, but knowledge like that is typically hard to capture outside of a forum. I honestly wouldn't know as much as I do about Zigbee were it not for the tons of issues I've hit over the years and all of research I've done into the subject.

A lot of these things are also subjective. So, for instance, on a small mesh, the Lightify bulbs seem to work fine. Why? Not a lot of traffic and they can clear their buffers regularly. But, on a super chatty network (again, like mine and others), a single bulb acting as a repeater can literally bring the mesh down to a crawl. Trying to capture something subjective like that is hard, which is why I usually say it's my opinion on a lot things. I can quantify things on my own setup, but explaining that to the person who only has 5 bulbs and a plug is completely different.


So, that's a definite ...... maybe? :thinking: I believe I'll look into a different solution.

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That's the best part of all of this... There's ALWAYS multiple choices.

I'm considering just automating a "dumb" fixture instead. Any thoughts on these....

I've never used those, but I have a few of these:

Aeotec Nano Switch on / off controller with power metering, Z-Wave Plus, In-wall, Compatible with Alexa

They are pretty much the same and they work well as long as you have space in your gang box.

I just installed one and I am impressed so far. Included quickly and I found a Hubitat driver via google for it. It also works with the generic z-wave outlet driver. It’s pretty basic and does not tell you power usage. It is very small.

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