Under Cabinet Lighting

Hey All,

Recently moved into a new house back in Sept and currently there are 12VAC bulbs under the cabinets and a 120V switch next to the counter that turns them off/on.

I have located the 12VAC transformer and I was planning on using the existing wiring.

Looking for some recommendations for LED lighting. I do want at least the capability for tunable white, although full RGB support would be nice but is not required. Also since I do have the switch next the counter, it would be nice to incorporate it, but I am open to anything.

I made my own using this kit. The controller works with HUE or directly with hubitat. Custom cut the led strip and inserted white wiring between where I didn't want LEDs to be. I did this for bottom and top of my cabinets.


Mounted it all using this:


The end result:

Looks good. Right now I just have the bulbs by the counter. I was thinking about adding some LED on the top like you did as well. I figured I could extend the wiring through the inside of the cabinet and through the top.
Did you mount the LEDs along the center underside of the cabinet?

Yes, right down the center under the cabinets. Under is one long strand and on top is a separate strand/controller so I can have separate colors.

You certainly haven't narrowed it down too much. :wink:
But, here's one simple setup (dimmable only, sorry no tunable on two wires) using your switch/wires.
ZigBee 120V Dimmable Switch.
Dimmable transformer.
COB strip(s).

I went with flexfire LEDs with drivers and Lutron Caseta Dimmers.

I will take a look at these as well, I am currently installing Lutron Caseta Diva Dimmers in the house as well.

Recommend that whatever you eve up with you protect the investment and put them in an aluminum channel to help with heat disbursement.

Yeah, I agree. I want it to be a permanent solution that will last also. The hard part is done which is the wiring to the cabinets at least.

Edit: can the Flexflex LEDs be cut to length as well?

Yes they can and they have a 15yr guarantee

I soldered all my lights to the wiring myself for a better connection.

These work perfectly.


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So after looking through the options it looks like to use existing wiring I will need a RGB controller at each of the 3 locations, since the existing wiring is just 2-wire 12VAC. I would have no way without running new wires to get the extra leads for LED, since the lighting is split in 3 zones with the kitchen layout.

I am thinking about adding an RGB Zigbee controller at each of the 3 locations using the existing wiring. I would then replace the 12VAC transformer with a 120V-12V/24VDC adapter to power all 3 zones.

Maybe 3 of these: ZEN31

It looks like I should be able to incorporate the wall switch as well using the above controller.

This is also a project I need to complete.

You have the wifi controllers? Does hubitat control those locally or need the cloud?

Would the below controller work natively with Hubitat? Looking to stick with either Zigbee or Z-Wave.


Also I noticed with the Zen31 you need to wire the 12-24VDC directly to the LED and the controller. Can anyone confirm with the GIDERWEL I can just wire the strip directly to the controller only?

No, my controllers are not wifi. They are connected to my Hue Hub.

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