"Unassigned" room

Enhancement request.

Create a default "Unassigned" room which contains any devices which are not assigned to a specific room. That would allow you to see all devices when browsing by Rooms.


If I could click the heart multiple times I would! Curiously, what is your thoughts on a 'room' for virtual devices? I myself created a room called 'Virtual' so I can at least pare down my device lists while working...

You can create that room yourself.

Please describe how. It's simple to create a new room, but I don't see any way to make that room a default where all devices get put in it unless they're manually assigned to another room.


What a good idea!

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I have a Dev and Testing Room for the same effect.

I'm pretty sure even a manually created Dev / Unassigned room would not currently account for devices created automatically by some "parent" device or app, i.e. where there is no user-involvement at the time.

I'd like to see a combination of this request and, as part of opening up rooms to developers of drivers and apps, allow options for child / component devices to:

  • Take on the room of the parent device
  • Be set by the app / driver via some logic or data collected from elsewhere
  • Take on the HE hub's default room, as was requested by the OP

As usual I have not tested what of my options above are currently possible, I'm sure one of them probably is already....

Be default, devices aren't in any room, they are unassigned.
You said you wanted a room named unassigned.
Look at the screenshots I attached. On the left side, click Rooms, on the next screen, click NEW Room, then name the room what ever you want. Voila.
Maybe your weren't very clear in your request. It sounds more like you want the ability to assign devices to a specific room (what ever you call it) by default, rather than a specific room called unassigned, which in reality is the only room by default.

I interpret what he asked as a 'Default' - and I support it. Having to locate each device I make and move it sort of ruins the concept of 'default'...

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Having a device linked to a room of any description means that it will shown up in, primarily the Rooms feature on the mobile app, whereas at the moment unassigned devices do not, without manual intervention, which is what this request is seeking to avoid. Yes they are shown in the devices page and are listed as unassigned, but until you add them to a Room, they don't appear in the app. From the original post:

Counter argument, what if I don't want certain devices to show up in the mobile app or to be in a room? If they are assigned by default to the "unassigned room", won't they then show up in the mobile app device tab? So now there is no way to add a switch and not have it show up somewhere?

If you exclude these devices in the "unassigned room" from showing up in the mobile app, then what good does it do to put them in a default room?

I sorta see what the OP is asking for, but there are downfalls to just assigning rooms to devices by default.


Good point, it would need to be configurable, you would need to choose whether you want a default room to be assigned to new devices, if the request was implemented.


Isn't that what I said?

And yes, I would support (though it's very low on the priority list) having the Option to choose a default "room", but until then unassigned unless assigned works fine. I probably wouldn't use it, but would be nice to have if the need arose.

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Admittedly this would be overloading this request even more, but perhaps the notion of what Rooms to include in the mobile app would not only solve this issue but also provide extra flexibility over and above what this request is trying to solve.


I think the whole concept of rooms is still in development. They have said as much., so suggestions towards how they can be used are good!


No, I said I would like to see an "Unassigned" room. It doesn't matter much what it's named, as long as it makes sense. It would contain, as I also said, "any devices which are not assigned to a specific room", that is, unassigned devices. All devices are shown under the Devices tab, I'd like all devices to also be shown under the Rooms tab, and having a virtual room (named "Unassigned" or whatever) which holds devices not specifically assigned to a user created room seems a reasonable and obvious way to do that.

As it is, in the web UI, unassigned devices are not shown in the Rooms tab. Sure, you can go in the Devices tab and sort by room to get them grouped together. But the Rooms tab is much more compact, it allows you to see devices and get to them with much less scrolling - unlike the Devices tab, it allows you to expand/collapse groups of devices (Rooms). Expand/collapse in the Devices tab seems to be limited to parent/child devices.

Adding a virtual room for unassigned devices would use very little real estate, one could simply keep it collapsed to a single line when not interested. Bonus points if one could right-click on any device in the Rooms tab to move it to a different room.

Edit: I use a browser and the web GUI when dealing with devices, and just use the phone app for dashboards. I took a look at the Connect to Hub/Rooms interface in the phone app, and now understand why those who use that may not understand the request - the tile/collapse/expand buttons seem to do nothing (Android, v1.6.7/126), and aren't even there for individual rooms. I suppose that's another enhancement request.

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Would really like to see this. It would just be a fake "room" that grabs everything that's not assigned to a specific room. So we can easily see what isn't assigned to a room rather than looking through rooms and thinking "is this all that's in that room?"

Though I guess if you look at devices, and sort by "room" you can sort by room, and all the "null" room value ones will be at the top (or bottom depending on how you sort)

This post made me go an look, thinking I was going to suggest that when looking to assign devices to a room you get to see all the one's that are not assigned a room, but I noticed something new (I think?) under the Rooms page:

But that will only show you the devices and let you click into each one individually if you want to adjust them that way. As I mentioned above, if you click into a Room and look at the devices allocated, you can selected from the unassigned devices in bulk:

Also, the other point I wanted to add is that relatively recent the Room selection was also added to the device creation screen, e.g. when pairing a new device or creating a virtual device. This doesn't help with management of existing devices, but a useful tip nonetheless.

I'm actually running .123 on my test hub where I grabbed the screenshot. Will update and see if it goes away....

EDIT - I still see it on .125, and I see it on hubs that are both part of or not part of the beta program. Strange if you are not seeing it. I'm assuming you have some devices not assigned a Room?

If you want to pursue it more, may be worth setting up another topic rather than discussing it under this request topic.