Unable to use C7 hub

I have my C7 hub working from my laptop, iPhone and iPad. Today the iPhone and iPad have the following error message " Safari can't open the page because it couldn't connect to the server".
Safari is working. Alexa devices have disconnected from Hunitat and the laptop icons turn white when I tap them (devices not responding).
Any help would be welcome as the house is sitting in limbo.

What color is the LED on the C-7? If green, then it may be that the IP address changed due to the expiration of the DHCP lease. You may be able to use http://hubitat.local to get to it and discover the new IP.


Just a thought as this one has caught me from time to time. Does your iPad have cellular? Have you ensured that your iPhone and iPad are both connected to the same WiFi network and are not getting internet access via cellular connection?

I usually have caught my error when I open the speedtest.net app and find that my connection is blazing fast. It then dawns on me that I've disabled the WiFi connection on my iPhone for one reason or another and I'm on cellular, not my WiFi network. :man_facepalming:


Can you still access the hub from the laptop but not from the iPhone and iPad? If so, check to make sure you are on the same network.

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Everything is on the same network. iPad is wifi only.
Clicked http://hubitat.local and the laptop is opening however dashboards are not responding.
Blub settings are yellow for on and green for off. When clicked it turns white and no action is taken.

This typically occurs when you're not on the same network as the hub. I would suggest you confirm that the full IP address range of your laptop and iPad/iPhone are the same.

IP = 192.168.x.x
Subnet =

Sorry, took ages to find the information I needed.
3 different IP addresses. Same subnet.
The end numbers go from 20's to 70's.
What do I do next?
Your help is much appreciated.

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The fourth octets (what you're referring to as "the end numbers") should always be different, otherwise you have an IP conflict. The first three octets should be the same between the devices. If they are not then your devices are on separate networks.

For example, all devices should be something like:

192.168.0.x (the last octet must be different between devices).

If this isn't your issue, then I'm at a loss for what's going on in your setup at the moment. Were you able to access the hub from your iPhone and iPad previously?

I'm not a Safari user and never have this issue if I'm on the same network as the hub. One thing you could try is to see if Apple has created a problem with Safari for iOS in a recent update. Try using Google Chrome on your iPhone and iPad to access the hub. It's available in the App store for free.

Hope that helps.

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The first three octets are the same. I use Google Chrome however the message was for Safari.

All 3 devices worked yesterday.

I may need to factory reset the hub and start all over.

Thanks for help.

You don't need or want to do that.

1st Set a reservation in your hub for the Hubitat if you have not already.

Press the network reset button on the bottom of the hub with a toothpick or paperclip for 7 seconds. This will be the only round hole out of all the square holes...

Next make sure that both your laptop is on the same subnet as your router. (I'm going to assume that the hub and laptop are both plugged into your router)

Now try hubitat.local and see if things are normal now. If not, please download angry ip scanner (google it, it's free) and scan your network and see if your hub is appearing anywhere else on the network and note the ip address and see if you can get to the ip address. (if you have issues with displaying pages on the laptop browser, switch browsers.

If everything is working correctly from the laptop but not phone and tablet check the ip's of those devices and ensure that they are on the same subnet as your router.

If not your wifi has a networking issue that needs to be resolved.


:100: Not the right step here. Hope you resolve this, but don’t do drastic changes to try to fix minor issues.


Problem persists.
Completed a backup. Reset network. Downloaded 'angry ip scanner' and devices are listed at the correct ip addresses.
Same circumstances for laptop and Apple devices.
Everything connected to wifi is working for Google searches, etc.
Did a factory rest on wifi router and then a network reset the habitat hub? It reassigned new fourth octets to iPhone and iPad (same for laptop).
Still, no response when using dashboards.
I appreciate that a factory reset should be the last resort however my home is impotent with very little working.
I may have to go for factory reset (ouch).

Fixed problem.

Went through apps and managed to reconnect: Hue & Kasa integrations.

I also ,for good measure, deleted any apps I was looking at and not using; such as Echo Speaks.

Thanks for assistance and advice.

I'm wondering if you have a mildly corrupt database. To ensure you don't, go to settings>>backup and restore and download your current database to your pc. Go to yourhubip:8081 and do a soft reset then when prompted on reboot restore the database you downloaded (don't worry this is perfectly safe). This will ensure you don't have any corruption on the HE.

I did a restore.
I seemed to have resolved my problem.
Mostly by stumbling around the existing set up.
I will keep a note of your suggestions as this problem may reoccur.