Unable to tuya convert smart plugs using raspi + donor wemos D1 mini

Hi guys,

I've recently procured a few of Aoycocr smart plug (listed on tasmota compatible list). I've done 8 of them in the past (1.5 years ago) using the same method as mentioned by Travis on his channel --> Tuya Convert 2.3 Flash Tuya Smartlife Devices | No Soldering! | Remove the cloud | Custom Firmware - YouTube.

this new ones however cannot be flashed. I kept getting stuck on this

I rebuilt my pie using etcher as per his instruction, clone git hub, and ran install.sh....followed his instruction down to the T, and got that error.
I rebuilt it again and use the development version, still get the same error.
I returned the Aoycocr plugs and purchased Avatar (again from tasmota compatible list), but the same thing happened!?

I'm kinda up against the wall here, wondering if anyone had similar issue with recent version of the smart plugs? not sure if they have not disabled the ability to be flashed?

Any insight be much appreciated. Cheers

Latest firmware of many devices are not able to be Tuya Converted OTA. If you look in the log folder there are psk errors.
It can still be converted by soldering to the pins of the esp8266 chip, or with a 3d printed jig. There is lots of helpful people that can help on the digiblurDIY Discord channel.

Wow. So I need to pry these open? that's going be a bit of a ball ache as I tried one 1.5 years ago and didn't even make a dent. is there a trick to open this? Anyway, thanks for the direction, I'll check his discord

by the way, can anyone able to recommend a brand that can still be Tuya converted on Amazon UK or UK market in generally?

oh and the Avatar switch has gone back to amazon now. :sweat:

I'm quite disappointed with this new firmware, i would have bought a few more if I've known that they're going toward this direction. They've crippled their sales by doing this as some of us from the side of the fence won't be buying them smart plugs no more.

the gosund plugs that I recently bought were. They don't do power monitoring if that is what you need, but when on sale, $5/plug that are T/C able, can't beat that - U.S. pricing when on sale. Good Luck!

Thanks @rick.guthier, unfortunately I'm based in UK. :disappointed: