Unable to setup scene function for ZRC90 and a switch

Hello all,

Hubitat Model C-7 (Firmware version:
Remotec Scene controller ZRC90
Jasco switch

I would like to set up my ZRC90 button 1 to turn on the "Switch".

According to the log, the Model C-7 received the ZRC-90 message and I tested my scene the Switch is functioning in Hubitat UI but it does not work when I clicked button 1 of the ZRC-90.

[2022-09-22 06:58:39.974 am [info]ZRC-90 button 1 was pushed

2022-09-22 06:58:35.587 am [info]scene 1 switch ON indicator on

2022-09-22 06:58:33.808 am [info]scene 1 switch ON indicator off

2022-09-22 06:58:33.627 am [info]Activation complete

May I know what setting I missed?


Use the built in Button controller app. That should do ya.


Hi @rlithgow1

It works.

Thank you for your help.

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