Unable to see/edit existing rule

I can see my RL rule in the list and it is even working fine but when I click on it it does not load and even if I clone it the clone copy cannot be seen. Any suggestions on how to fix?

What happens when you try to load it? Anything on the screen? Anything in "Logs"?

Looks like this:

And nothing I can see in logs relating to this

If you're not on the latest platform release (not sure what the notification you have in the upper right is, but this is a common possibility), I might try that first to see if there have been any fixes.

Otherwise, without any information to go on (again, nothing if you leave Live Logs from "Logs" open when you open this rule?), you might just need to remove and re-create if you want to edit the rule. It may continue working as-is either way. To remove, you'll need to go to the App Status (gear icon) page and remove it there since you cannot get in the normal way.

You could also try restoring to a backup from before this problem occurred. (Just be sure to create and download one from now first so you can always go back to that.)

Thanks - Will move to the latest hub SW version - holding off as I have 4 hubs to do with hub mesh so need to do all at once I think

Yes updating the Hub SW on my hubs solved it :grinning: