Unable to Refresh Keen Home Smart Vent

In RM actions - Capture/restore, Device refresh or Polling, with Refresh selected I am unable to select Keen Vents. The KV device driver DOES support the refresh function - but the do not appear in the list from RM.

In my case batteries was dead

I had to use a custom action to get it to refresh

Good thought. Curious why it doesn't show up in device list though - it is an accepted command for that device type.

somewhere in the forum, Mike has answered this, will try to find it

Yeah, but I don't understand his answer. He says it doesn't have the capability - but it obviously does since we get the Refresh button on the device page and can manually send it with a custom command.

Thanks for finding it - I thought I had looked for it before. Also thanks for the Custom Action idea - I think that will help.

Just because a device page has a button, it does not mean that it has the capability.

Buttons can easily be created in a driver by using:

command ā€œbutton_nameā€
capability ā€œCapabilityā€ would place all buttons for that capability on the device page


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Yes, but why would a company that continually uses consistency as a reason to not implement fringe functionality do a custom/non-standard Refresh command?

Makes no obvious sense to me.

I have no idea... I was just explaining the possibilities

For devices that are explicitly known to update state changes without further provocation, Refresh is implemented as a custom command, why?

To prevent users from adding every device they own to a 5 second refresh rule in RM, when they have other mesh issues that are the real reason the device isn't updating.

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Gross - with over 200 devices and most of those zwave - I already get latency on some routines (like door/motion activation of a light). For that reason I have avoided the 5s poller routines.

But I have had devices stop responding (sometimes unreported low batteries, sometimes wall switches or plugs that just won't communicate). To that end, I am running Device Watchdog once a day to report on any device that hasn't checked in for 24 hours.

Unfortunately, a lot of plugs and switches (zwave mostly not zw+) will go days on end without any communication. So my solution is to run a refresh 2x daily to all devices that accept the command.

Then today I noticed 2 of my 17 Keen vents had not reported and when I ran a manual refresh from the device - they reported back (so not dead batteries). Then I questioned why my "Poller" routine hadn't pinged them and found they aren't in the list of devices. @napalmcsr lead me in the right direction to use a custom action - which seems to do the job.

Now my "other" thread Need Rule - Refresh if Last Activity > x time would really help me reduce my unnecessary network noise - if someone could help me build the RM I need :wink:

Your system, your rules. I'll just give it my standard eye-roll response and leave it at that. :roll_eyes:

Thank you for clarifying though.

How do you determin its an our mesh issue or a system issue?

Not sure what you mean by a system issue.

Zigbee mesh problems are fairly obvious, devices can't be controlled, if reset they may join, they may be unable to join, then some time later fall off and don't work.

It's off topic, just having issue with z-wave side locking whilst everything else working (visually at my end) fine. Only a month in from the move from ST and getting frustrated