Unable to pair Cree Connected Zigbee bulbs

Hello there - trying to switch over from Smartthings to Hubitat and having a very difficult time. Trying to do it one room at a time but nothing I try is working. Here's my current setup:

Unpaired all 4 bedroom Cree Connected bulbs with the Smartthings hub.
Factory reset each Cree bulb.
Registered Hubitat and created a new dasboard.
Went to zigbee pairing mode.
Turned on Cree Bulb.

I tried doing a full reset on my Hubitat and starting over. The Smartthings hub isn't plugged in - batteries out too.

I even tried a brand new out of the box Cree and the Hubitat just won't pick that up either.

Not sure what to do. Very frustrated! Please help!! I've been working on this for 3 days and now nothing in my house that used to be automated is working.

To reset the cree bulbs, you need to alternate on/off 2 seconds at a time until it blinks. Just an fyi. Crees are known to be very problematic on Hubitat. You may want to consider watching @adamkempenich 's lightify integration to keep them on a separate network. It's in Alpha stage, so if you don't have a lot of time, I would wait to integrate it. I would suggest using hubconnect and keeping your crees connected to your smartthings hub for a while. You can search out lightify integration and hub connect in the forum and get the skinny on them.
And if you want to continue to add your crees, power off your smartthings hub safely for a bit and try adding them to HE then. You could be experiencing ST latching back on to the bulbs. When I paired them, I turned them on for 5 seconds and off for 1 second then repeat until they paired. Try that.


Thanks for your reply. I tried what you suggested - ST hub off (batteries out) for most of the day and tried resetting the bulbs again and pairing again. I even tried the 5 seconds on, 1 second off but no luck.

Unfortunately these bulbs now won't even pair to the ST hub either. They were all showing 'offline' after I tried the hub connect and couldn't be controlled in ST or Hubitat. I'm at a loss. I can't believe all 9 of my bulbs are dead in the water.

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Just for the sake of providing other options, a Hue Bridge also works just fine (and, of course, Hubitat already has a native integration). A dedicated, bulb-only Hubitat does for some too, but mine still managed to fall off that (one of a few reasons I scrapped that idea and went back to the Bridge) despite being fine on Hue.


If you still have your SmartThings hub turned on while you are trying to pair, try turning it off. When I was converting over I had problems with that same brand of bulb.

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I highly doubt that. I have a cree bulb. They are incredibly difficult to reset.

  1. Begin with the bulb turned off.
  2. Turn the bulb ON for 1 second.
  3. Turn the bulb OFF for 2 seconds.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the bulb momentarily dims (about 4 or 5 times).
  5. It will only dim for a second, signalling that it has been factory reset.

Sometimes doing .5 seconds for the ON helps.


Figured it out.

  1. unplugged the Smartthings hub overnight (took batteries out as well)
  2. this morning, I unscrewed every Cree bulb from it's socket (in an attempt to reset the entire Zigbee mesh network and start over)
  3. set the Zigbee radio channel on the Hubitat to 20 (it was 25 before - I set it that way so as not to interfere with the Smartthings Zigbee channel which was also at 20)
  4. screwed in one bulb at a time and ran discovery on the Hubitat

It found all my bulbs one at a time this way! I'm having issues with two of them (getting the hourglass on the device tile when trying to control them) but I think it may be because they're the farthest from the Hubitat itself and communication is poor. (?) not sure on that one, I'll have to play with it.

Anyway - just wanted to share. So happy!

I would not recommend having Smartthings and Hubitat linked like some people have suggested. That's what I tried at first and is what I believe messed up all of my Cree bulbs to begin with. I think you just have to rip the bandaid off and start over with Hubitat. Just my 2 cents based on what I experienced so far.

Thanks everyone for your input!


Pleased you have your bulbs up and working, however, as mentioned earlier, you will likely run into problems later on as you add additional ZigBee devices. I will suggest you have a read about establishing a solid ZigBee mesh in the documentation.


And as you're researching, have a read here.