Unable to Pair C5 to Fibaro Water-Temp Sensor?

Anyone know the trick to pairing a C5 to Fibaro Water/Temp Sensor (FGBHFS - 101)?

FYI this is probably my 30th sensor pairing so am at least somewhat capable of this sorta thing

Here's what I tried each separately: (per Fibaro's manual)

  1. Put C5 into inclusion mode and insert battery into Fibaro
  2. Put C5 into inclusion mode and tap Fibaro TPM button 3 times
  3. Put C5 into exclusion mode and tap Fibaro TPM button 3 times
    • Then repeat above
  4. Hold Fibaro TPM button for 15-20 seconds to reset (sorta responded like manual said but not totally)
    • Then tried 1 and 2 again
  5. Reach out to Hubitat forum :slight_smile:

So the C5 doesn't display ghosts, and it possible that the Fibaro is "partially" included already. For shits and giggles, try excluding it first (very close to the Hubitat). And then include it (also close by).

Thanks for the recommendation, tried it and no luck:(

When you went to exclude did it say "unknown device excluded"

Any suggestions on other water/leak sensors?? Dome has worked great for me but hasn't been available for months. LeakSmart used to work well and then recently has been acting up so didn't repeat purchase that and Fibaro was my new option but this particular one may not be compatible.

no, it didn't find anything (for exclusion nor inclusion) and I had it within 1ft of the C5 hub

Wait a minute. Isn't this a BlueTooth device?

it has z-wave inclusion/exclusion instructions all over the documents but I wonder considering how much phone app instructions there are as well

I just checked:

The FGBHFS-101 is a Bluetooth sensor that is HomeKit compatible.

The FGFS-101 is a z-wave sensor. Get the ZW5 version. It is z-wave+. The ZW3 version is only z-wave.

Uhg, I'm sure you're right! I'm not familiar with the Apple Homekit so just assumed it was also z-wave setup to!? Now that I scrutinize the packaging a bit more there is bluetooth symbol and no mention of z-wave which is usually on the packaging somewhere.

Ok this solves the problem, I'm a dope:(

Thank you!

These Centralite sensors work with Hubitat:

Awesome, thanks again!!!!

FYI I have other flood sensors (dome and smart leak) and recently renovated the home and had TWO renovation water damage events so am eager to add a 4 more sensors to the collection.

I highly recommend them in your attic furnace pans (if you have HVAC in the attic) as well as all the other normal sink, fridge, drain locations.

Thanks again:)

Not that you're really interested at this point but now I figured out what happened. I ordered two Fibaro 2 Water/Temp sensors for my HVAC pans in the attic and they worked great, BUT THEN I got lazy and ordered two more but didn't pay attention to the model number, ugh! So at least I know Fibaro Z-Wave to work well...obviously not the blue tooth version.

I have ~15 leak sensors:

One in each water heater pan (2). One behind the washer, one behind the dryer. One under each bathroom sink (4). One underneath kitchen sink. One behind each fridge (2). One underneath the dishwasher. One in each bathroom below the toilet tank (3).

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That's awesome! ...and probably why my post caught your attention. To commiserate a bit more, while our home was being renovated we moved in with my in-laws (who are great!) and set them up with a Ring system (they're not techies so needed a bit more user friendly system) and installed leak sensors including one near their ejector pump which sure enough failed and began flooding, and the leak sensor caught it early-on and paid off...earned some good points with the in-laws haha:) ...you gotta love this home automation stuff.


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