Unable to keep Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensors Connected

Be mindful that those Tradfri bulbs you wrestled with recently may or may not be reliable repeaters for Xiaomi devices. In my experience, when rebuilding a mesh, it's best to get all of the Xiaomis reporting and stable before adding power to non-bridged smart bulbs. YMMV

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Very true, but nothing to lose in trying. When on ST, the Xiaomi were connected only to ST and worked very well, it was the introduction of the Tradfri which caused me issues, which I wasn't expecting. At least I kind of know what to expect this time around :wink:

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I have 3 Aqara RTCGQ11LM sensors which have been nothing but frustrating to me. They paired as zigbee devices instantly, However they have been extremely unreliable for motion control. I tried installing drivers and even enhanced my zigbee mesh with a bunch of IKEA plugs with no luck. I just replaced them with Sonoff SNZB-03 which are working great so far.

If looks like some people on this forum are happy with the Aqara sensors. If anyone wants my three, I will be happy to send them for the price of shipping.

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The problem with the Aqara devices is that they are not standard ZHA1.2. And are very unstable on meshes unless every single repeater is Aqara-compatible.

I have ~60 Aqara devices and recently moved most to a Xiaomi Mijia hub that I integrate with Hubitat using Node-RED. I am awaiting a second Mijia hub before I move the rest off as well.

Good decision.

Thanks for your insight. I was considering a Mijia hub too but with just 3 devices, I am not heavily invested in the make, so I switched to Sonoff. Hopefully they will hold up well over time.

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@svelicheti how are you sonoffs holding up so far?

I'm in the process of replacing my xiomi devices (about a dozen) and just got a Sengled sensor to test. Sonoff was the other brand I was looking at testing.

Curious how you're making out so far.

Not trying to hijack this but I thought I'd give my feedback.
I have 8 Sonoff motion sensors and 2 Sonoff buttons and none have dropped off my zigbee network. They just carry on working.
I did have an issue after the 2.2.5 upgrade where I got false motion detection in the middle of the night for around 3 nights. It stopped and I have not had any issues since.
I find that they are slightly slower to detect motion than the Xiaomi/Aqara devices but not worth worrying about.
I'm using markus's Zigbee - Sonoff xxxxxx drivers.

Hope this helps.

@bobbles All feedback welcome. I appreciate your hijack!

I wish Sonoff made a leak sensor, so I could migrate over to all one brand. But it doesn't seem like any of the easier-to-find brands make every type of sensor. I know HE doesn't have any issues with multiple device drivers, but I still like to keep things simple where I can.

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They’ve been rock solid so far. I have 9 of them and they work every time. Initially some of them were not reporting battery level which I wrote in another thread but after a few days they all started reporting. That was never relevant for motion sensing any way.

I have 6 more on order now. I like Sonoff brand so far. I also got some ZBMINI relays and they work reliably as well.

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Good to know. I’m using generic zigbee motion (no temp) driver and haven’t had any issues. I also don’t notice any sensing delays.

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That is also good to know.
I'll try it on on one of my devices. Just cos' I can. :wink:

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Hi @svelicheti
I'm just trying one of the Sonoff Motion sensors and using the HE Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor (no temp), and with Test and debug logging on, I'm not seeing events for the device going active/inactive in the logs.
I can see them in the events for the devices and it is changing OK in the device UI.
Are you getting the same?

EDIT: Forget this request if you don't mind. Turning logging off and on again resolved the issue.

@bobbles & @svelicheti where did you guys buy your sensors? I see they are $15-$20 at Amazon, and $2-$5 at ali express. But I'd be concerned that they were fake if I ordered from ali.

I'm in the UK and got them via eBay.

I’ve been buying on eBay for $8 average including shipping and taxes, from different vendors. So far nothing fake. All shipped from China so takes a couple of weeks. IDK if the community has a policy against sharing vendor names - I can PM you if you want.

Glad you were able to resolve. My logs have always worked but good to know how you resolved if that ever happens.

I’ve never seen them that cheap on Ali Express. Do you have a link @ckronengold ? I buy on eBay hoping that they have a good dispute resolution process.

I hadn't looked at the prices of specific sensors, but this vendor started at $2.95.

Oh I saw those listings before. $2.95 is for just a base. Motion sensors are $9+. Some vendors on eBay discount to around $7.50 for 4 or more units.

Having same issues with Aqara devices. Just come across it. If you want to use Aqarq / Xiaomi sensors, this is a MUST read Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected

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