Unable to keep Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensors Connected

I recently upgraded to HE Since then, my Xiaomi Aqara Human Body Sensors have ALL lost connection repeatedly and will not remain connected to the network, despite being in the same positions they were before (and were with Smartthings) without issue.

Side note: I cannot begin to describe the level of frustration I have experienced with random driver changes without leaving deprecated drivers and interfaces in place (e.g. Zigbee bulbs) over the past few iterations. This type of development causes unnecessary frustrations, and potentially hours of troubleshooting to find that the platform is the issue, not our devices.

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Oh dear. I know this is not going to help you, but I've not had any issues with my Xiaomi devices.
I have motion, contact and humidity sensors. (Aqara and the older version).
I load all the latest updates as they come out.
You say you've just updated to .114.
The current version is .116.
Might be worth updating to the latest and see if this helps.

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Couple things to check.

What is your zigbee network channel set to? What is your 2.4 wifi network channel set to? If they overlap you may want to adjust them to avoid conflics.

Do you have any devices on your network that may be repeating the zigbee mesh. These devices don't work well with a lot of things.

These things are a pain. But I have 40+ now running really well.

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I'm using the same repeaters I was using with ST where these devices were working fine. They're so small that I put them in hard to reach areas. Since HE, I've had to pull them down so that I don't have to pull out the ladder every day/week to reset them.

I will consider upgrading to .116, but I stopped upgrading months ago due to all the changes that were negatively affecting my home. I was constantly having to go in after an update and change drivers because the ones I was using were ripped out.

Additionally, I've been a extremely negligent in maintaining my own backups. 1.0.3 is my last :frowning:

Check the channels then. Zigbee and Wifi channels overlap. You may want to change zigbee to a different channel.

I had the most success when I got routers that worked and changed the channels. Before then I was having constant drops.

Yes. I agree.
Just some additional info for you.
It is worth checking the channels. I seem to remember when I first got the HE hub that I had issues with zigbee devices.
My router has been set to use channel 1 and the hub was using 25 I think.
It's now on 22 and working fine.
Not sure if this helps but worth a try.

Yep. I'm 1 and 26 which don't interfere at all.

I will play around with my wifi and bit and see what flexibility I have there with respect to my neighbors. Then I'll adjust Zigbee channel.

I found 25 and 26 to be problematic for me. (If memory serves me well).
I played with 20,21 & 22 with no issues. Just left it at 22 after my playing.


I remember some people having issues with the zigbee channel on 26. I know I did as well and it wasn't just with the xiaomi stuff.

Right now I'm on 23, but I think 24 and lower were the safest in terms of compatibility. Won't hurt to give it a shot.

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My biggest issue is that I've put off "playing" with this for months, because it's not that simple. It's a PITA to spend days channel switching and testing. It's starting to feel too much like work.

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Keep in mind the xiaomi sensors were not meant to work with these systems. They are zigbee devices but don't properly follow the protocol. The price was just too good with them that various people put in the time to get them working. But they are a PITA. Took me a while to get them working properly.

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As I said over in the Monoprice thread...

We have a Compatible thread. We have an Incompatible thread.

Maybe we need a "Price isn't worth the Hassle" thread? To protect the next buyer from this level of grief.

Won't help anyone here that already spent on them, but would help some future visitor. Perhaps, depending on their Search skills. :smiley:

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The irony here is that I remember months of chuckling while on ST, and reading all the posts of Xiaomi frustrations, while mine were humming along nicely (after the initial pairing frustrations). I guess I deserve it. :slight_smile:

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I started off with these on ST. Never had any issues.
Moved to HE and had issues as, I believe, my zigbee channel was 25.
Moved to channel 22 no issues.
Personally I don't think it's the devices, more the set up of your router and hub channels and any possible neighbour interference issues.

Just my opinion though. :wink:


And more than likely the strength of the HE dongle radio.

BTW, when was the last/first time you changed the batteries in these little buggers? I've only changed batteries in my Aqaras just because they were falling off.

My originals are almost 2 years old and haven't needed battery swaps.

Do you know what repeaters they are, and have you used something like XCTU with an XBee to see which repeaters they were actually routing through (if any) on both ST and Hubitat? Just asking because it's possible the ST ZigBee radio (from the ST controller itself) was stronger than that from the Hubitat stick, so maybe your devices are using different routers on Hubitat compared to ST. Many are reported to have problems on Hubitat, which some ST users have also noticed. (This could especially be true if you paired them hear the hub was was recommended on ST but tried pairing in-place on Hubitat--you mentioned they're in hte same locations, so I'm not sure.)

I don't know why there'd be differences between repeaters on ST and Hubitat. My suspicion is that there really isn't, and I just don't read the ST forums much enough anymore to see that their users are equally aware. But I also suspect Hubitat users are better able to test and troubleshoot things like this. :slight_smile: (But the Xiaomi devices themselves are definitely reported to "work" with both controllers, keeping in mind that we're doing something non-standard and it's just luck and careful hub firmware that keeps these working--and the repeater behavior should be the same regardless of controller, so it's hard to say without knowing how they were/are routing.)

In any case, besides the excellent suggestions above (including checking your channels), there is a lot of advice, including known good/bad repeaters, in this thread: Xiaomi devices - are they pairing / staying connected for you?. I'd check it out if you haven't already.

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When these devices were first purchased and added to ST, they built themselves a mesh.

Install Hubitat and take one and re-pair it to Hubitat. How much of the ST mesh just got wiped out? Keep subtracting from ST and adding to Hubitat, there's no sure bet that the current order of adding yields a mesh as functional as the one that also doens't exist anymore on ST.

I do not wish to say my invented scenario has anything to do with the current, specific issues of @MEarly... just MORE food for thought.

depricated drivers are left in place, they are removed from the pairing list and are not available in the UI for manual selection, but any depricated drivers will continue to function.
So I'm not sure what the reference here is.

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Channel 21 for me and 2x xbees - rock steady since connection some months ago
Wifi on channel 6 which is probably not the best