Unable to install any app

I am new to Hubitat but not to home automation, Z-Wave, ZigBee and so on.
I am installed MQTT app code and driver code, then wanted to install the app itself but nothing happens.
I also tried to install few built-in apps but without success; the browser tries to load the address /installedsapp/create/ but nothing happens.

Any hints? Anything have I forgot to setup before being able to install any apps?


The best way to address any problems you are seeing with user created drivers or apps is to address them on the thread of the app or driver you used so that the author of that app or driver is more likely to see your post, and thereby have better knowledge on if something is not right or easily see a step in the process missed.

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Yes, that I have done it, but it happens also with built-in apps, same behavior.
I am also specified it in the first post

Can you PM me your hub id?
I assume /installedsapp/create/ is a typo, it should read /installedapp/create/.

Yes, you are right.
I will send you a PM

Was this resolved? I'm having the same issue. I'm unable to add user apps or built-ins.

Backup-->Soft Reset-->Restore

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@marcogt Does MQTT now work for you too ?